5 Reasons why you should not hire cheap VA?


5 Reasons why you should not hire cheap VA?

Looking for a virtual assistant can be time consuming. It is like fishing a big ocean and looking for the right fish to suit your dinner dishes. Once you get the fish, you have two options from there- first, just keep the fish and cook it even if it is not suitable for the dish you have in your menu. The second option is bring back the fish to the ocean and look for the right fish out there. This can be time and effort consuming, but you will be satisfied once you find the right fish in the dish. Hiring a virtual assistant works like the situation above. You can’t just settle for what is here, but try looking for what is best for your business.

Most businesses are looking for cheap virtual assistants, especially start- up business. There are some reasons why clients do that, some are cheaper rates, less attitude problems and open for challenges. But, at the end of the day, you will just realize that you will most likely spending much by hiring cheap virtual assistants. So, to give you an insight of what we are talking about, here are 5 reasons why you should not hire cheap virtual assistants:

1. Lesser experience

Your main reason why you hire a virtual assistant is to get some job done in a timely manner with minimal supervision. So, it is best to a hire virtual assistant with lots of experiences when it comes to the nature of the job. This will help you a lot especially if you are a very busy person. You will be more likely trying to look for a virtual assistant that can do all, you can’t get it from a virtual assistant who has an hourly rate of $3. If you want to hire more experienced virtual assistant, then consider paying high. If you settle for a cheap virtual assistant, you will just end up hiring another cheap one. That’s double the cost.

2. Lesser quality

It is important that the quality of work be always on time, no matter how long or how much spent for it, quality must not be compromised. There are some clients who are demanding when it comes to deadline, like making 2- 500 word article in 1 hour and expecting for a quality work? No, that is impossible! That is why it is important that you don’t hire cheap virtual assistants as they might compromise just to deliver the project. Pay high if you want a higher quality of work, you don’t get a lamb steak by paying a cheap burger.

3. More room for errors

Misunderstanding is one of the main reasons why work has delays. And this is one of the most common mistake cheap virtual assistants have. Because of minimal supervision you can give, there is a chance of a bigger room for errors, especially if you are hiring virtual assistants overseas. Remember that language is one of the greatest tools in communicating and yet, the language barrier is also a great problem for both the client and the virtual assistant. So, better look for a virtual assistant who has broad vocabulary and fluent in English, but you can’t get one from a virtual assistant who charged $3 per hour.

4. Loyalty questioned

Loyalty is a big word when it comes to the virtual business, it is easier for a virtual assistant to go looking for new high-paying clients or go on moonlighting. This can be a problem, especially if you are looking for a long term partnership assurance. Sometimes, moonlighting can affect the productivity of a virtual assistant, especially when it comes to prioritizing the job. So, to avoid this, try to look for a high paying full time virtual assistant that can give commitment to the job. If your virtual assistant is satisfied with the salary, you will definitely win the loyalty.

5. Lesser Specialization

When hiring a virtual assistant, it is important that you look for a full package. Your business will benefit from hiring a full package virtual assistant, especially if you have achievable goals and vision for your business. Instead of hiring 2 or more virtual assistants with different specialization, it is best to hire a virtual assistant that can offer you all the specialization in one package. Virtual assistants can be very helpful in your business if you find the right one. So, don’t bargain for cheap virtual assistant as you might also get cheap work done.


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