9 Snapchat Ideas to Boost your Business


Unfamiliarity with Snapchat’s marketing strategies and best practices can limit your business growth and profit potential.

The platform’s growth accelerated over the years and the brands that have adopted early  realized its value as a powerful marketing platform. More than just joining the bandwagon, it’s important to invest in Snapchat and reap its benefits in a way Facebook and other social media network bought additional leads or sales to your business.

To fully understand Snapchat, we’ll share the latest statistics, marketing strategies and case studies to guide you in designing your own approach to boost your business.

Snapchat in Numbers


Mediakix reported some stellar statistics about Snapchat’s popularity:

  • Snapchat is now more popular than Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Snapchat has 150 million users exceeding Twitter’s 140 million users.
  • Snaphchat comes second to Facebook as the most favorite social network in the US.
  • 10 billion video views every day compared to Facebook’s 8 billion video views
  • 70% of millennials are Snapchat users.
  • 60% of smartphone users are Snapchatters
  • 72% of Snapchat stories are watched until the end


The Advantages of Using Snapchat

Increase your Sales. If you are an e-commerce company, it is highly recommended to include the Snapchat in your social media marketing. According to Econsultancy,  76% of Snapchat users bought a product online so consider creating coupons and discounts offers to attract Snapchatters. Meanwhile, 92% of Snapchat ad campaigns boosted in-store sales as per Oracle’s study.

Boost your Advertising. Only 1% of marketers advertise on Snapchat in contrast  to the platform’s 16 million daily viewers. This translates to more opportunities in generating awareness or sales in a less competitive environment.

Engage more with your Customers. Snapchat has voice and video calls feature so you can provide after service support to your customers. Take advantage of this capability to chat with your buyers and get to know them deeply to get feedback and insights  essential in improving your products/services.

Expand your Audience Reach: Mainstream Snapchat users are between 13 to 24 years old. So if your business caters to young people, it makes sense to establish a presence on a platform where your audience spend the most time on.

Stay Competitive. Snapchat is the latest kid on the block. So if you want  to be cool and reach out to young kids, you need to give Snapchat a try. Who knows, it might increase your brand’s popularity or become a powerful lead generating tool for your company.

Snapchat Marketing Strategies

Launch teaser campaigns. Shoot a series of Snapchat videos to build hype and excitement about your new product or  company event. Keep your audience engaged by posting short videos regularly.

Build valuable content. Just like Instagram and Youtube, aim more than to provide entertainment. Inject helpful information to your Snapchat videos to make a lasting impact to your audience. Make the interaction more sincere and personal by hosting Q & A sessions with your Snapchat community. These sessions can not only provide the opportunity to provide customer support but gather facts to enhance your products and services.

Create exclusive offers and discounts. Giveaway limited-time and special discounts coupons to urge customers to make an immediate purchase. For example, offer a coupon code to your Snapchat users in exchange for snaps of them using your product or service. Track the coupon codes to measure the number of people who responded to your offer.

Promote contests and campaigns. Social media competitions are proven and tested ways that you can invite new people or excite existing members of your community. Just make sure that the mechanics are easy to follow and the prizes are worthy of the participants’ time and efforts.

Broadcast special deals . Take advantage of Snapchat’s huge number of users to launch breaking news about your products or services. Use the platform to make your first announcement of flash sales to encourage Snapchatters to join your community.

Jazz up your snaps. As mentioned earlier, most Snapchat users are  young people so  your content to make them youthfully- appealing. Use text, editing, and visual add-ons to keep your snaps fresh and interesting.

Offer a glimpse of “behind-the-scenes”. Take  your audience engagement to a whole new level.  Showing raw footages of any upcoming product in its developmental stage. Get up close and personal with your followers by shooting ” a day in the office” snaps

Collaborate with an Influencer. Draw attention to your brand by having someone very influential to your audience take over your Snapchat account for a day.  Make sure to develop a plan that scores the accountability and limitation of each party. Realize that the whole idea was to capitalize

on the influencer’s popularity in reaching out to your audience to bring out your message and not the other way around.

And last but not the least, have fun!  Put a human face to your brand. Have interactions just because. The good time you had on Snapchat with your audience will generate positive vibes to your audience which will do wonders for your brand awareness campaign.

Snapchat Case Studies

Dominos UK. On January 2016, the pizza company turned their Snapchat story into  a short film called  “Dough to Door” . The film chronicles the Dominos’ Delivery Man adventure , hitting a few obstacles and even encountering an alien invasion.  The film showed the sequence of random letters that led to exclusive discount codes  they can use for their online orders. The campaign led to an increase in online orders.

Gatorade used a Snapchat Sponsored Lens on SuperBowl 2016 to boost awareness for the brand. They created an ad showing Serena Williams getting dumped by a cooler of orange Gatorade. The ad got 165 million views on Snapchat which generated a buzz with other social media platforms.

Burger King Argentina created Snapking and invited Snapchatters to draw grill marks on images of their competitor’s burger chain’s patties in exchange for vouchers. BK Argentina received 4.1 million fans of  their competitors (burger fast food) and the vouchers were claimed within 48 hours of the campaign.

GrubHub.  The brand used a doodle feature and launch a Snap-Doodle contest targeting potential internees. Internship stint would be awarded to the person that could snapped the best doodle. Up to date, Grubhub still uses Snapcha to announce promo codes, giveaways, previews, stories and behind-the-scenes videos.

NARS. The cosmetic company release a sneak peek of its Guy Bourdin palette collection on Snapchat. The announcement was cross-promoted to the brand’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. The opportunity to send personalized and limited-time content made Snapchat the perfect medium for this launch event.

It is best to adapt your current marketing tactics to the Snapchat’s platform by using the strategies and best practices outlined above to engage your younger audience and stay competitive in the online marketing landscape

Have you tried Snapchat? Do you consider including it  in your business social media marketing? Let us know how it works for you.


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