To Avoid Stress, Stop Competing with your VA Peers


Humans are competitive by nature; this attitude motivates them to do better than everyone else. In a good way it forces an individual to be proactive, but the flipside is that the same becomes the reason for insecurity, self-doubt and the nagging feeling of not being good enough. Yes, Filipino virtual assistants often suffer from the latter because of the need to always compete.

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Being too competitive has its downside too

Career experts agree that there is also “bad competitiveness”. While being competitive displays your long list of accomplishments, it can also backfire when all you focus on is just being the best in the pack and not just doing your best in the job you’re working on. The pattern you may find common at times when you find yourself in this unhealthy stage is being overly aggressive to find high-paying gigs, trying to sneak in for information on what’s keeping other virtual assistants busy, hoarding resources with little or no intention of sharing them, lack of guilt in wanting to shut oneself off from peers and becoming unfocused on work strategies. Even with that natural winning attitude to stay on top of the game at all cost, what follows still is that feeling of inadequacy against others with hints of anxiety and depression kicking in.

Whether one works independently or with a team in a company, this pattern exists and it is personally destructive. Studies prove that being too competitive can work against you, making you become self-absorbed with work and your need to always outperform others. They will soon realize that whatever sense of accomplishments is brought on by this competitiveness the effect is just short term.

Don’t make competitiveness work against you

As a virtual assistant you also need to be competitive; it’s a streak that guarantees you in getting a job. No client wants to work with a lame-working VA. Likewise, not intending to be competitive will make you rest on your laurels without the desire to become better, wasting away all those natural talents and skills. As you know yourself better than everyone else, you’re fully aware when something is working well for you or against you and one clear sign is not being happy where you are.

If you are unknowingly developing such attitude then better work on reversing them before its effects take “very” unhealthy toll on you.

  • Check your motives. Are they geared toward beating another peer or succeeding against your own set of work standards? The latter of course is natural and healthier as you raise the bar in your own work performance based on your own standards.
  • Mind your own business. As practically as you’d put it, stop prying on somebody else’s work and just focus on doing your best in the work you are in. As observations would have it, even the ones you “envy” may be feeling the same about you, so stop stressing yourself into thinking that everyone else is doing great in this VA career except you.
  • Share, co-operate and willingly help a colleague even it means him/her taking the credit.
  • Stop worrying that work is limited and that if you don’t act fast you’ll be left with the kind of job nobody else wants.
  • Stop burying yourself in that pile of work just to prove you’re hardworking and highly competitive. Nobody just lives for work; you need to get out, meet friends and enjoy real life just like the rest of us.



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