Basic Tools that Aspiring Virtual Assistant Should Know


As a virtual assistant you will be collaborating constantly with your offshore clients and for which your common meeting place is only a virtual space on the internet. In order to become a good and reliable virtual assistant you need to learn the basic online tools that you and your client can use for better communication.

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#1 – Basecamp: This is a project management tool that is completely web-based. Both VAs and clients enjoy using this as it is very simple to use; easily access data on ongoing projects like tasks, files and minutes of meeting. This works best for all types of projects whether open-ended project, fixed-date or ongoing.

#2 – Google Docs: A commonly-used web-based office suite. Some clients prefer the simplicity of Google docs in creating a common document that any VA in the working team can view, edit and share. It is as simple as creating a basic document in your own PC.

#3 – Dropbox: Having a Dropbox installed in your computer enables you to share files with multiple clients or other VAs. You can easily share a link to them or invite them to share a folder anytime.

#4 – Google Calendar: Clients can easily put you in the loop on a need-to-know basis by sharing his calendar with you. The same is helpful when you’re working with a virtual team. Sub-calendars can easily be created and labeled by personal name for work category.

#5 – Last Pass: This is a password sharing and management app that can help manage risks for your client especially when they are apprehensive to share confidential records with you or to a virtual team.

#6 – Skype: Using this web-calling app is the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting. It’s fast and reliable for real-time collaboration by instantly sharing links or documents in the chat box. The chat log is also saved for future reference. You can choose between a voice and video call when using this app.

#7 – SnagIt: This app is preferred when online discussions would call for sharing screenshots or brief screencasts among VA teams. The app has several annotation tools that you or your client can use to highlight details to make describing screencasts much easier. Uploading a screencast and onto a clipboard makes it easy to share the same through email.

# 8 – Hootsuite: This app can easily help you in managing multiple social media accounts of your clients and yours. It can be designed as a dashboard where you can easily schedule tweets and Facebook updates. With a paid account, you can import list from Twitter to create streams for a particular hashtag or keyword.

#9 – PickMonkey: The use of images generates more engagement in social media, but if navigating Photoshop tools happen to be very overwhelming for you then PickMoney won’t make you feel the same way. Easily tweak images with overlay and nice fonts; once done with you images, share them with just a click of few more buttons.

#10 – Freshbooks: For a professional looking invoice with accurate tracking of client hours from start of project to finish, use this web-based app to bill them. This is very simple to use and free if you’re managing 3 clients or less.


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