Beneficial Tips to Reduce Stress And Improve Focus


Stressed? Are you challenged by the language barrier between you and your foreign client?  Not able to communicate, give and get real-time feedback because of the time difference?  Finding it difficult to persuade more clients to hire your services?  Devastated by the fact that you were paid less because the dollar is much stronger than the peso?

There are more to the list of reasons for stress to a virtual assistant.  If the stress goes beyond the comfort zone, a VA gets stressed and loses focus like anybody else who is working.  However, a VA’s ability to deal with stress can mean the difference between success and failure, like what the experts say.  Here are some tips to be able to cope with stress that goes beyond your comfort zone:

  • Socialize

Having someone or other people to talk to or even vent or rant about how stressed you are with your assignment helps.  Reduce the negative effect of stress by letting it out with a friend or a fellow VA.  It will also help socializing with other people to at least develop other skills like friendship or blending with society.

  • Exercise

A strenuous exercise is not advisable especially when you do not have enough sleep.  VAs usually are not able to have a full sleep of eight (8) hours.   Doing a 30-minute activity at least three (3) times a week will help you improve your focus and reduce the stress from the mountain of work to be done.  Together with getting a good night (or day) sleep and eating well, exercising is best to improve your mood, too.

  • Eat

As mentioned previously, eating, and that means eating well, balances your day.  As a VA, it is not a novelty to hear that one skipped breakfast or lunch or dinner, because of the volume of work to finish.  It will not help if you just eat a lot only once but it will help you balance your sugar, keep your energy, and improve your mood by eating small meals frequently, say, every three (3) hours, each day.

  • Sleep

The quality of your sleep can get you going and will result to a more focused and energetic self.  A well-rested VA will be able to deliver a good result, and will also be equal to a less-stressed day because of your good mood.

  • Balance

During weekends, disconnect or stay offline as much as possible.  You need to ensure that all your VA assignments are done before the weekend.  Try your hardest to find balance between work and family life.  If this is not possible because of the demand from your work as VA, take a break in-between hours of working as VA.  At least, try not to think of work when it’s time to be with family and to have R&R.

  • Break

It may sound odd to include the word ‘break’ after the previous tip of ‘balance’.   Do not be misled because this refers to breaking your bad and hard habits as a VA.  This means that in order to reduce stress and improve your focus, be positive by breaking negative thoughts, be realistic by not setting unrealistic goals, control the things that you can control, and most of all, lighten up with humor on the side.

Being a VA is truly not an easy job therefore, stress has to be managed to be able to rally everything to be on the track, and to deliver effectively and efficiently.

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As an online professional, Marilyn transitioned her way up to success by investing in the field of virtual assistance and web design. Networking with esteemed colleagues in the field, she co-founded Philippine Virtual Assistant Network (PVAN) , Philippines largest online virtual assistant community with over 20,000+ members and counting.

Marilyn is the Project Manager of Remote Virtual Assistant Agency, a virtual staffing agency based in New York, USA, as well as the trainer for Virtual Assistant Guide and Web Internship Program which helps aspiring work from home professionals.

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