Benefits of Outsourcing Virtual Assistants


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Outsourcing virtual assistants (VA) is a smart choice especially for  startup or growing businesses.  An infographic dated December 23, 2015 from shows that outsourcing industry is worth over $105 billion.   Why is it growing steadily?  The answer lies on the benefits of outsourcing virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants are not the same online workers tasked to do only the menial tasks anymore.  They have evolved into individuals that are either giving general assistance, or specific and special support.  The benefits of outsourcing virtual assistants outweigh preconceived notions or known experiences.  Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Trims down business costs

In any business, the costs and expenses incurred are always the top concern.  A businessman that resorts to outsourcing virtual assistants for their small or growing business is taking a big leap.  One significant saving is being relieved of paying for payroll taxes, sick leaves, vacation pays, health insurances, training, office spaces, etc.  An estimate of 78% reduction in operating costs was shown in an infographic.

  1. Increases level of productivity of both the business owner and the virtual assistant

When an entrepreneur is able to spend only four to six hours instead of eight for his business, it means that he is able to maximize productivity by doing the more important activities.  Likewise, virtual assistants are more productive when assigned tasks or activities within a specified or defined time.

  1. Makes use of time wisely

Less time, more efficient, so the saying goes.  The amount of time completing a project, activity, or task, becomes less because virtual assistants work according to schedules.  Also, because virtual assistants are trained, they do more quality work in lesser time.  Hiring a full time employee requires a businessman to pay in full even if the employee performed work or not.

  1. Adapts to any time, location, or situation

Outsourcing virtual assistants makes the whole scenario flexible.  A businessman can choose how many virtual assistants to hire according to his business requirements.  Wherever his business is located, there is a pool of virtual assistants to choose from.  Time is not a problem because a businessman can hire virtual assistants from different locations who can do a 24/7 job, for example.  Also, even if relocation is inevitable, the process is not interrupted because the businessman and the virtual assistant can constantly get in touch with other.

  1. Balances the life of the businessman, and that of the virtual assistant

One goal is to be able to allot time for personal life.  A regular businessman with his full time employees spend more time to his business than his personal life.  Hiring virtual assistants can give more rest and relaxation, and more time with the family and friends.  Similarly, virtual assistants can achieve a more balanced life because with management apps in the net, for example, they can manage his time.

There are a lot more reasons interconnected with the above benefits.  Outsourcing virtual assistants not only gives a professional image to one’s business, but also stretches to making life easier.  As an expert say, it is more about the convenience.

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