What Business Owners Could Learn from an Online Event Promotion


Scared promoting your business event online?  Are you one of those traditional individuals who would not dare use what is emerging as a popular trend these days?  You do not have to be.  You will discover that there is a whole lot to learn while promoting your business online.

It is best that you develop awareness first of what you can gain following the trend.  You need to know the general direction of the things that concern your business.  So brace yourself up and listen.

There are Free Ways to Do an Online Event Promotion

Admit it, you ignore these online thingies because you think it may cost you big amounts of money.  You are mistaken.  You can do an online event promotion for your business without spending a dime.  The reason?  The internet offers free ways to do it.

  • Social Media Tools

It would be contrary to common sense if you choose not to have a Facebook account.  Being a businessman, it is a requisite these days.  Facebook offers a lot of ways to promote your business.  It allows Facebook Ads, and its Facebook Event page allows event listings that can also encourage sharing by the attendees.

You can also use other social media networks like Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+.  Like Facebook, these networks provide apps that can help you spread the news about the event.  Twitter, for example, has TweetMyAds.

  • Multimedia Applications

A creative promotional video can be made, too.  This will not cost you anything but simply your registration as a member.  You can share these videos at YouTube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or anywhere a recorded and reproduced video is allowed to be broadcasted.

Most memberships are free.  Instagram can also be a tool to upload your video welcoming new followers and at the same time promoting your business event.  You can also consider uploading visual testimonials from previous attendees.  Who says you can’t upload such testimonials, or even interview the speakers at your event?  That is a very nice idea, isn’t it?  It’s free, by the way because your attendees and speakers also benefit from giving a testimony or a short summary of what to expect.  It’s additional exposure.

You can also compile photos of your attendees, your speakers, and your event, too.  It is such an effective tool of sharing the event, and a call to action.

  • Hashtags

A hashtag is defined by Google as a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic’.   It is but right to give the benefit of the doubt for businessmen who are not familiar with a hashtag.  But it is essential that you learn the power of the hashtag.  A common hashtag for all your social media accounts and to all other tools you are going to use it will make the promotion of your business event effective and quick.  Just think of a precise name for your event then precede it with a hashtag.  Include it in on everything you do online and expect a favorable result.

  • Websites

You will definitely need a website that will include the promotion of your event.  A landing page can be considered, too, that will include the details, and that will center only to the specifics of the event.  

A website, in case you have not come across it, is a content management system, which is also coined to the identity as a blogging platform or a publishing software.  You have to consider the following in choosing one for your business needs: design, ease of use, e-commerce readiness, and support.  It has to be equipped with search engine readiness, too.

  • Email applications

You may find interesting that your email can be used to promote your business event.  You can definitely use an email marketing campaign, or your email signature to contain a link to your event.  Wonderful, isn’t it?  Indeed.  You can plan ahead using your email by sending specifis to those in your mailing list, including your partners, your sponsors, and your targeted audience.  

Now that you have learned these basic information, you can probably be brave enough to use them for the promotion of your business event online.  It may overwhelm you but it’s worth the try.

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