Common Misconceptions about the Virtual Assistant Career


To anyone contemplating on becoming a virtual assistant would find themselves mystified in the work idea surrounding this career. This is especially true if one has worked for a long time in the traditional corporate setting, or the 9-5 desk job. However, despite their bugging questions they cannot ignore the fact that those who have tried their luck in this career have really made it big and have never looked back. If you are in that “moonlighting” stage in your career and considering becoming a virtual assistant, I urge you to really take a good look at it from the point of view of those who have succeeded in this field, and not from naysayers and doubters.


Not true

Presented in this article is a short list of common misconceptions of the VA career. I believe there is just a lack of understanding on some of these issues at the outset of one’s VA career, and that one only needs to find the right way to deal with them in order to benefit from this promising career.


Here are those Common Misconceptions:

  1. The VA career is only for the internet-savvy – You’ll be surprised to know that a great majority of virtual assistants who made it in this career started with zero background in the field. And if you work in a traditional desk job, chances are you’ve got enough skills already to get started even on a part-time basis. Likewise, our modern lifestyle has it that almost each and every one of us use the internet on a regular basis, be it for research or social media or tinkering on a new app for our own use. This proves that we are easily adaptable in the digital changes that continue to take place. To be a good VA simply means learning a few, basic online apps in order to deliver a task for a client.
  2. You need to invest a lot of money to start a VA career – Yes and No. If you have the luxury of time to learn the VA career on your own then there are hundreds upon hundreds of free resources on the internet for you to use (articles and videos). However, for those you want to immediately start a career to generate quality clients and get their income going, may choose to invest in a VA internship program that helps them map out effectively the right tools for the job. There is no proof that one works better than the other, except that in investing money in yourself or your training buys you time in order to quickly jumpstart your VA career.
  3. You get more scam jobs than legitimate ones – I will not deny that some VAs get scammed too; but there are also those who have worked a long time in this career but never really encountered such. There’s really no exception to being scammed as this also happens in the offline world. I believe the key is sharpening your radar in properly determining whether a potential gig is legitimate or not. The best ways are to hangout in VA community sites and learn from the experts with their tips on how to avoid being scammed.
  4. Income is high but not regular – The best thing about the VA career is that you can literally make a business out of it. Some get into the picture as a VA with much like the same work set-up as in a traditional day job. They are virtually “employed” by a client for continuous support. In this case the VA is paid much like how it was in his/her previous day job: salaried. For this type of work set-up, the VA gets a fixed payment for the services. Then there are those types of VA that sell their services on contract basis or as a consultant. In this case the VA can up his/her fees depending on the complexity of the project or skill level. If your concern is continuous project in the pipeline, then you must learn to treat your VA career as a business wherein you continuously seek the right opportunity so that work never runs out.

If you study closely you’ll see that these are more likely challenges of a virtual assistant in his/her career. But even if they exist, in time the experienced VA will know exactly how to deal with them with confidence. If these were your own misconceptions, then I urge you to look away and instead take it from those who have encountered the same issues but were able to successfully deal with them.



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