How to Create an Effective Cover Letter?


How to Create an Effective Cover Letter?

For most people preparing to seek employment, one difficult task is writing the cover letter. As an integral part of the application is the cover letter. It is a brief informal document used to introduce the applicant; as well as showcase the achievements, skills and talent. Most job seekers consider writing the cover letter a daunting task. The good news is that many writing experts share their tips and tricks to guarantee that you write a perfect cover letter.

  1. Be familiar with your hunting ground

Before writing, make a thorough research of the company and the requirements for the specific job you are applying. Check the website of the company; look at the Twitter feeds of its executives and study the LinkedIn profiles of its employees. Utilize your knowledge of the company to set the right tone of your cover letter

  1. Start with the proper format, length and language.

Format uses a standard, easy-to-read font that is simple but powerfully stated.

  • Length is as short as possible not to exceed one page.
  • Use language based on job description to include the specific job title you wish to apply.
  1. Start strong

Start your cover letter with a bang by using a powerful opening sentence. Begin with the punch line on why you find this job exciting and why you are the best person to fill it.

  1. Content

On top of the cover letter are: the correct month & date, complete company name, job title and name of the recipient.

The body of a cover letter states areas your resume that includes particularly your strength as an accomplishment, a skill or a project that you believe will catch the recruiter’s eye professionally . Be sure to highlight relevant experience, expertise and important information that would be of interest to hiring managers.

State why you would be an asset to the company, the unique things you have to offer and how they would benefit from having you on their team.

  1. Show that you will be an asset to the company

Emphasize your personal value as managers hire people who can help them solve problems. Expound on the wealth of your experience on solving similar problem in the past or share a relevant accomplishment. Be enthusiastic in conveying your desire for the position. But don’t use flattery or say anything you don’t mean as being authentic is crucial. Show winning and positive side of your personality; even allow a sense of humor to shine through,




  • Have a strong opening statement that Make a strong opening that states why you want the job and you are right for it;
  • Go straight to the point for hiring manager to be able to read it at a glance; and
  • Emphasize an accomplishment that proved you can address the challenges the employer faces.


  • Try to inject uncalled for humor as it often it falls flat;
  • Send the usual cover letter; and
  • Use flattery; be mature and professional.


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