How to create an Effective Profile in Different Freelancing Platforms


How to create an Effective Profile in Different Freelancing Platforms

Having all the competitors that might be just as good as you or even better, scoring a job and a client as a freelancer could be a struggle. Even if you have the right skills and qualifications for the job, some clients might overlook you for someone else just because they have a better profile.

Since a freelancer’s job is done mostly online, getting a job would most likely be done virtually too. This would restrict you from using your charm and charisma to work your way to your client’s heart and would limit you to impress them initially with your profile.

That’s why we are giving you this guide to help you out in creating that profile that would make your clients see your potential. You’d be surprised how choosing the right words could do wonders.

  • Titles and Headlines– Since it’s going to be the first thing that your client would probably see, make sure that your title or headline is clear, concise, and professional. You should see to it that looking at your headline would grab their attention enough for them to look at the rest of your profile.
  • Add a Professional Picture– You shouldn’t skip this one. Adding a picture would prove to your clients that you are an actual human no matter how absurd that may sound. This doesn’t mean that you have to go to a studio and have your picture taken there. You can always use today’s smartphone technology and snap a few pictures at home––just make sure not to put up your “ootds” or “selfies”.
  • Provide Details– If you want to keep the interest of your client, a picture and a good headline or title won’t be enough. Make sure to provide enough details that would showcase your talent, experience, and skills to make them aware that you are qualified for the job. Give as much work-related facts that you can.
  • Show your Contact Information– How else could your client reach you if you don’t give out your contact information? If you’re sensitive with keeping your privacy, though, the least that you could do is give your email address. No need to put up your street name and all that, sometimes an email and a work-phone number (if you have one) could be enough.
  • Display Samples Works and/or References– To show that you’re better than other applicants, a sample piece of your output can do the job. If you’ve worked for or with larger companies, you could provide references that would direct your clients to prove your job and acquired experiences.
  • Keep it updated-Don’t forget to tweak your profile once in awhile to refrain it from being outdated. Every time you have a new experience, skill, or anything that could be relevant to you as a freelancer, add it up to your profile and build up your dream career from there.

Now that you know what makes a kickass profile, all you have to do is wait for those clients to knock on your door and start earning money while working from home. Just make sure that your job performance would be as good as how your profile suggests it would be.


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