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In todays interview is about a Virtual Assistant Coach & CEO of Step It Up VA Coaching Program. Meet Donna Toothaker, who is based in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. Be inspired with her story and take your next step in becoming a virtual assistant.

Donna Toothaker1. Who is Donna?

I am a former Virtual Assistant and now a VA Success Coach. I am an author, speaker, and the founder of The 6 Steps to 6-Figure VA Success system. I’m also a wife and a mom of two incredible kids.

2. How did you start working from home?

I started working from home after researching ways to earn money from home. I was a stay-at-home mom but my kids were getting older so I knew I would want to go back to work when they were in school. Yet, we moved out to the ‘country’ so any job would mean having a pretty long commute. I discovered Virtual Assistance and never looked back.

3. What is your turning point on deciding to become a Virtual

I knew I wanted to earn an income, yet I didn’t want to have a commute or not be available for my kids when they had things at school (plays, sports, etc) so I research more about being a VA and I jumped in with both feet.

4. What are the advantages for you working as a Virtual Assistant?

The advantages were being able to create my own schedule, flexibility in attending the kids’ activities and setting my own rates and earning what I wanted to earn.
5. Do you have any negative thing/s to say about being a Virtual

Like any business, it can be a challenge to get clients and make money. It takes commitment and dedication. It can be frustrating when times are slow and sometimes you need to have ‘thick skin’ so rejection or clients don’t upset you.

6. What’s the most difficult situation that you have experienced in working as a Virtual Assistant? How did you handle it? 

I would say that being ready, willing and able to take on clients, yet none were coming. And that meant no money coming in. I handled it by getting coaching/mentoring on how to market more effectively so I could attract more clients.

7. What’s the best thing that ever happened in your Virtual Assistant

I worked with some pretty amazing, high-level, well-known people which was a lot of fun.

8. How do you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now?

I expect to still be coaching and mentoring other VAs in 5 years from now, probably on a larger scale than I do now. Meaning, more events, workshops, retreats, etc, instead of just one-on-one coaching.

9. Where do you usually get clients?

I have learned to effectively market online so many clients come from there (both VA clients and coaching clients), but many clients come from referrals or ‘word of mouth’ from other happy and satisfied clients.

10. What advice can you give for other aspiring VA’s?

Be committed, focused, dedicated to your business. Get support/coach/mentoring so you can avoid a lot of ‘trial and error’ and can see success faster and easier.

Do you have any program you want to promote to our fellow Filipino Virtual Assistants so they can be a highly competitive VA?


Yes, I host a VA Biz Success Academy which is an international community of VAs to get information, support, and encouragement. It’s a full one-year membership for just $197 and includes immediate access to 8 products, as well as a private Facebook group where members ask questions of me and each other.

Donna Toothaker ~ CEO
Step It Up VA Coach

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