Essential Tools for Starting a Virtual Assistant Career


Before you start working as a Virtual Assistant, you’ll have to consider first the essential tools needed to set up a virtual home office. You must make sure that you are fully equipped with these tools to cater the needs of  your clients and better be organized in timely manner.

You cannot afford to lose a client especially if you are just starting, that’s why you’ll have to make an initial investment. These tools are very vital in each aspect for you to work at home.


Reliable Internet Access

Choose the best internet service provider. High speed Internet connection brings a lot of positive advantages. Browsing, downloading, uploading, or using communication software gets easier and more comfortable. It gives you access to lots of information in a quick way. Thru this, you can accomplish different task easily.




This is the heart of your Virtual Assistant business. If you have enough money, buy a computer with high end specs or if you already have one, just upgrade it with the latest hardware and software. Outdated computer will just make a your life miserable.
For me, I would recommend Apple brand computers. It’s a bit expensive but come to think of it, Mac computers are not susceptible to virus attack while the laptop version has 6-10 long hours of battery life when your working outside. Plus for me, I’m into graphics, web & video so creating and editing some of this stuffs makes it more easier.

 Work Space

Virtual Assistant needs an area where she/he can work comfortably. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in your room, living room, or extra room as long as people living in your house are aware that it is your office space they should not bother you while working.


Comfortable Desk and Chair

Most of Virtual Assistant’s time is spent working in the VA office. In order for you to be more productive, you’ll need  a comfortable desk and  office chair . The chair must be a proper fit and the desk should have a proper height. This will allow you to work for longer hours.



All in One Printer Combo

In order for your to save money, just buy an all in one printer with fax, scanner, and copier instead of buying it separately. This will save you space and money.





Some of the commonly used software of a Virtual Assistant includes website design software, desktop publishing software, Microsoft Office, accounting software Google docs, Skype or yahoo messenger for communication. Softwares are really important for a VA to do his/her job.

To know more about Virtual Assistant softwares, visit our software discussion


External Hard Drive

It is best to back up all your data just in case your main internal hard drive fails or infected with virus attack. Your entire operating system can be stored on external hard drive which can be used as boot-up device to restore an operating system on a PC. Remember, unexpected things might happen but work must go on.

Another Tip: Aside from backing up your files in external drives. Another thing I do is to have some backup of my files on the web. I purchased a good web hosting account with unlimited storage. All of my works aside from backing up in the external hardrive, I make another copy and upload it to my web hosting account through ftp. In case my computer and my external hardisk fails I still have another one. Another thing is, you dont need to carry anything with you for your files, just log in to your account and download it in an instant and whoala you can manage your file in any computer anywhere you are.



Daily Planner  

You’ll be needing this for you to organize your daily routine. Planning and organizing your daily schedule is very critical in the Virtual Assistant career. You can achive more work at less time with proper planning and this ensures what you need to priority in a certain period of time.




Aside from the tools I’ve mentioned above. There are also other things that you will need while working as VA depending on the type of services that you will offer. These includes headset with microphone, web camera, networking and router capabilities,  business phone line, file cabinet, writable CD ROM.

Do you have all these equipments? Start your Virtual Assistant career now and join our VAP team.

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