How To Find Client On Facebook As a Freelancer


How To Find Client On Facebook As a Freelancer

Are you having trouble looking for clients as a freelancer? Do you feel like losing hope with the competitive platforms for online job seekers? Which social media sites do you think can offer you a great opportunity?

Perhaps you’re already using social media sites like Facebook in your daily routine. You post or share something online. You can also read relevant content for what you like or do. So why not use it as a way to regularly look for potential clients?

There are several social media sites today that have a lot of users. The most popular ones are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Depending on your freelance job, some work differently than the others. Say, you are inclined to graphic designs, you can choose a photo-based social media platform then.

In this article, you’ll learn why Facebook is a huge platform for freelancers. With over 2 billion active users monthly, job seekers and clients alike are most likely to use it. Your chances of getting a client from Facebook are enormous. You just need to know how you can effectively market yourself along with your fellow freelancers.

Let’s face it. The competition, nowadays, is tight for people who’d like to earn online. Some have the advanced skills to do certain jobs while others market their services at a very cheap price. That’s why if you’d like to use social media sites as a tool to look for a client, you should use a different or unique approach to make yourself a standout.

The hardest part when starting a freelancing career is to build your client base. Some even say that you may actually spend more time hunting for one than actually working. You really need a great deal of patience in order to get hired. Don’t give up too easily.

3 Basic Ways To Find Clients on Facebook


  1. Join relevant Facebook groups in your niche.

This is the easiest way to look for potential clients. All you need to do is regularly check these groups for any job listings or posts. For example, you can join groups for virtual assistants. Most of the time, they have members who are clients themselves just looking for someone to do some work for their business.

On the contrary, it does not mean that you can also post all the time asking that you get hired. Choose those job offers that fit your skills or qualifications. Avoid getting trouble later on because you don’t have any idea about the job in the first place. Say, you just apply right away since you’re already desperate.


  1. Follow significant Facebook pages.

Which pages should I follow? You may ask this. It’s recommended to follow pages of online job sites. Once you do, you’ll receive regular updates on the available jobs for you. You can also redirect to their website to see various job listings. There are a lot of online recruitment networks out there and you can just research one that’s of your interest.

Following Facebook pages can be compared to email subscriptions which you normally do when you like a particular site. Relevant posts will appear on your Facebook timeline so take advantage of this option to look for clients.


  1. Create a profile that highlights your skills.

Another way to attract clients using social media is to make a compelling profile. You can start with a professional profile photo. Although you may have observed that majority of Facebook users have selfies as their profile photos, do differently for yourself. Use a professional-looking one. Remember that it is also one of the factors that contribute to a client’s impression on you.

After that, you can list down qualifications like your previous jobs and skills. Say you’re a writer or someone who can do administrative tasks. Do not underestimate the power of your profile. It’s one of those things that a prospect is looking for to consider you for the job.

In general, using social media sites to look for jobs has been the first step of some. This is an easy way since you use Facebook regularly wherever you are. Keep in mind though that getting work as a freelancer is all about building relationships and demonstrating your value or expertise.



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