First time Jitters Working from Home… (Weighing the Pros and Cons)


I had  spent years being employed 9-to-5 every single day before I finally decided to leave the corporate world  This was about a month ago. I was wavering whether or not to apply for a franchise and rent some spot in a commercial area or just conduct  business from the comforts of my home. At this point in time, the latter appears to be a more appealing option. All I needed was my laptop, printer, mobile phone and  internet connection  and I am in business!   At last  I will be  home freefree from bosses, strict work hours, traffic, and the enormous pressure within the workplaceStaying at home never felt so good!    Let me count the ways…

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Home based businesses generally have a low start up cost. The expenses brought on by going into a business and starting up an office may run up to huge chunks of money. When you’re home based, you use all the utilities that can be available in your home.such as  internet access, telephone, and even help from your helpers or maybe members of the family to assist you out in handling the business.   .

Working from home lets you save a whole lot by eliminating expenses typically connected  to a conventional corporate job like gasoline expense or  public  transport fares; car repairs and maintenance, dining out,  and fashionable clothing for the workplace.

Over and above reduced expenses, working from your home will enable you to have work-life balance and environmental advantages.  Studies show that an average commuter utilizes almost 9 days worth of time every year just going to and from work.  This is time saved for home-based workers.  Many other advantages consist of:

  • Decreased carbon footprint  that is beneficial to our environment;
  • You can even take your office wherever you go, possibly  on vacation trips or out of town;
  • Weekends in the household are less disorderly since most of the regular weekend chores and tasks can be carried out during the weekdays
  • You are more free to plan for your time offs and family vacations effectively.

Being a parent owning a  home-based business,  you can bring your kids to school and then operate your business without leaving the comforts of your own home. There is  no more getting out of bed unnaturally early.  You’ll have all the time in the world.  You don’t need to dress-up nor  hurry to the office.. You could use your “break” time to wash dishes or do a load of laundry.Also, you do not have to worry about having to complete work tasks late at night since you are in the comfort of your own home and not in a workplace wishing you were already home,

Newer  technologies  allow easier means of communication even if you work remotely or far from home.  With an internet connection, you can have online meetings, research, send  and receive updates and  information  from your clients and stay connected globally with no need of personal interaction.   .

Having taken into account all the advantages regarding working at home, here are among the challenges  I  am facing as a newbie….

  1.  Fear of Being Scammed. . Reliable and  true home-based jobs are hard to find onlineThere are various scams in the internet usually coming from operators that feed on newbies’ gullibility,  Due to lack of experience and eagerness to earn online,  newbies can be an easy prey. We do encounter work at home offers that appear reliable but then we still need to take that extra precaution of not being ripped-off.
  2. Minimal Know-howTo deal with the  feeling of having limited knowledge, it is best to enroll in training programs  like the VA Internship Program of Jay PasanaYou can also start reading articles, e-books  and join  communities or organizations associated with your type of job or service or niche you are planning to have.
  3. Solitude. . Now and then, you get the feeling of being alone. You’re  on your own. You have to be self-reliant when you encounter problems. When you meet a particular drawback, you are trapped.   At this time,  there could be hardly anyone there to help you except your own self.
  4.  Distractions.    Working from home can become awesome, however you need to be really driven. It is all very easy to start delaying things and turning on the TV instead of doing the job. Your life without a timetable can be complicated as well, you need  to be very self-motivated. Having young children and doing work in your own home can invariably be a bigdistraction.
  5. Feeling  of Loneliness  . If you actually are accustomed to working in an extremely  social workspace, then working from your home might be a complete change to you..You may miss out on the day-to-day interactions with your co-workers and  company events which may result to a deterioration of your social life.
  6. Losing Company Benefits/Job Stability. The negative aspect of freelancing full time from your home is that you will lose the company benefits you have been used to enjoying such as medical health insurance, group insurance, social security, housing and car allowance, etc and a steady monthly income from your job as well. 

After weighing out the pros and cons, the pluses of working from home outweigh  the downsides. The disadvantages don’t  affect me too much and it’s a lot better than pulling your booty to work everyday to a place  or environment  that you are no longer happy.

Once  decided in  working from home…. remain focused, persevere, have patience and don’t give up easilyI know that eventually  freelancing will most likely take over our entire life, but I am fine with that!  I simply want a healthy life balance, and I desire to be able to devote more time with my family.  Moreover, I want  to take pleasure in what I am doing and eventually earn a lot !




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