Home-based Online Business Misconceptions


Are you thinking of jumping to home-based online business bandwagon?  This is a common trend nowadays.  Some even go for it without knowing the facts and other things to consider.  In this article, I will give you the common misconceptions about putting up a home-based business to help you decide if you’re going to pursue your home-based plans or not.

1.  They think anyone can start a home-based business

Yes, anyone can start a home-based business but not everyone will succeed. Just like any other businesses, online business takes a lot of work and planning. This can be a tedious process and if you are not patient enough, you might as well forget this plan.  Some people are just looking for quick money, and more often than not, they tend to have not learned the appropriate skills. They must first understand the process and how everything works.

Always remember: It takes discipline, determination, patience and good guidance to be truly successful working online.

2.      Working at home is always fun

There are lots of advantages working from home. No more commuting, no need for make-up, no need for corporate clothes etc. but working from home is not always fun. The lack of interpersonal interactions can make you become irritable, sluggish or sad for no reason.  If you are the kind of person who is used to seeing many people; then, home-based business might not work for you. If you are already in this kind of business and you are experiencing loneliness, you must find ways to combat it in order for you to  enjoy your new career.

 3.      Your business won’t be able to compete with firms with offices

 Some people are having doubts about putting up a home-based business because they worry that their future clients might not take them seriously.  Yes, you don’t have a luxurious office or meeting space but you must keep in mind that your customers will mainly care about the products or service you provide them.   If personal meeting is necessary, set up a place in your home where you can have meeting without interruptions. Also, make sure that you present yourself and your business to your clients in a professional manner. A great website can help you reach to more and bigger clients; be ready with your business cards, brochures, presentations and others stuffs needed for your business.

 4.      Personal Life Cannot Be Separated from Professional Life

 Some new home-based business owners think that it is impossible for them to separate their personal life and professional life with the kids and other family members around making noises and distraction. For me, the answer is simple.  Working at home is not easy, it is about sacrifice and hard work. To achieve this, you need to create a dedicated work space with a phone meant only for business purpose. You may also set up working hours and let your family members know that during these hours, they cannot interrupt nor disturb you.

 5.      Freelancing is easy and you can get rich quickly

In home-based business, there’s a huge possibility for you to get rich but not as quick as you think. Building a business takes long hours and hard work. You must build your name, continuously upgrade your knowledge/skills (or else you will be left behind by other freelancers) and you must be able build a solid base of clients who support you and your work.

These steps will really require huge amount of time and dedication. Some freelancers even work longer hours than someone who’s conventionally employed. If you’re still considering on becoming a freelancer, read articles, forums, and blogs on freelancing and learn from the experts.

 6.      Freelancers are Anti Social

 Not having a social life is a choice. Whether you’re working in an office or at home, you may choose or not choose to have a social life. Keep in mind that work is not the only place to meet people. Yes we don’t have the advantage of having coworkers, but most of us find other ways to connect.  Our job requires a lot of networking and being social is one of the talents every freelancer must possess. If you got bored, you can always go out and have fun with friends/family or you can always look for a community or organization where you can mingle with people that share the same interest as yours.

 7.       This is a lot less stressful than working for someone else.

This is not true. Most of the time, having a home-based business is a lot more stressful than having a regular job.  You have to work with lots of client with different attitude and you must be able to make them happy. You also have to worry about other aspects of you business like finances, deadlines, invoice and track payments, and everything else that make your business run all by yourself.

 8.      This is not a real job

 Who said so? Having a home-based business is not just a sideline or a hobby for bored home makers. This is a serious career and tasks should be done in professional and ethical standards. We build long term relationships with clients, we ensure they get high quality work on time, we do our work based on their specifications. Now who said it’s not a real job?


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