How to Make Social Media Worth Your Time and Effort


A lot of small business owners doubt the significance of social media to their goals.  The growing uncertainties are intensified by their failure to obtain the desired return of investment.  A 2015 survey by Manta even supported the qualms, where 59% of business owners claimed that there is no return on investment using social media.

But there is a glimmer of hope.

41% of those business owners argued that they have succeeded in using social media to generate leads.  The difference is not a simple feat though but can be conquered with some techniques.  Before rushing, however, to these techniques, business owners have to realize first their goals.  This move is where all the effort and time investment circumnavigate and it will be very helpful to list them down before plunging into the bandwagon.

Business owners have to understand, too, that social media alone cannot give that desired ROI.  It has to be combined with the use of a website, a business profile, a blog, time management, and continuous learning. Brent Pohlman of Yahoo Small Business expounded on this view.

Back to the aforementioned techniques:

  • Knowing your audience is where you start. Who are these personas?  What do they specifically want and need from your product or service?  Who are the likely competitors?  Unless you establish who your social media audience and competitors will be, you will never ever be able to define your brand.
  • What social media channels do these audience visit or patronize? To know these valuable information is as important as the first.  Where these visitors and potential clients frequently land can be your gauge in identifying the social media for your business.
  • Content is king, as media moguls believe, therefore you have to know what type of content gets shared, retweeted, or liked. Your website’s blog content, for example, has to have that structure, relevance, and purpose. Remember that we do not think like our audience, therefore, your social media content has to be something your audience understands.

In a clearer illustration of these techniques, an important article by Heather Physioc of Tentacle Inbound, LLC, talks about six (6) metrics for social media use and explains more about maximizing these tools. It cites about identifying your target audience that could lead to the right social media network to use, preparing your social media profile according to your business brand, curating the content depending on your business brand, monitoring your social media efforts by analyzing the results, and shifting strategies for your business’ goals.

If you think that it ends there, it does not.  Your move to utilize social media channels or networks to generate leads that will convert to sales is a never ending process.  While you maintain your business, you continue using the said techniques and metrics and strive to succeed.  But how are you going to do that alone?  You need a social media expert to do the job for you and, to make your presence be felt constantly, but you have to ensure that your personal touch is what projects.  Work closely with your social media expert, or team, and reap the fruits of your labor.

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Maria Narissa has a day job as internal quality audit head, and document control in-charge, too, for the QMS of a manufacturing company in the Philippines. As IQA head, she is in charge of the internal audit program and audits, which is one of the organization’s tool for quality control. The job as document control in-charge, on the other hand, entails a lot of writing and includes creation of system procedures, work instructions, guidelines, and other related documents.

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