How to Make Your Clients Impressed with Your Job?


How to Make Your Clients Impressed with Your Job?

Only one answer to this question, “Be a problem solver not a trouble maker”. A client is looking for a virtual assistant to ease their job so they are expecting for a reliable one who is willing to get a job well done even on the toughest situation. Being a problem solver simply means extending a helping hand, if the only goal you have as a virtual assistant is to work at the comfort of your home and to earn money then you will not be willing to extend a helping hand. For example, your work is already done under the estimated time your client have given you so you now have a lot of free time but your client needs a helping hand for another job that needs to be done and he is asking if you can help him.

What will be your initial reaction? You will probably say no because your work is already done even if you have plenty of time or you will probably say yes just to impress your client. Well, this might go wrong because your motives are not right at the first place. Your client is paying your output and not by the hour so it is only just that you will refused the offer to help him- a typical virtual assistant will think like this. But if you want to really impress your client, put your heart on your work- be dedicated and show loyalty to your clients. A sincere act, even if it is small becomes a big act.

Lending a helping hand, you have become a problem solver and remember that your client’s problem is also your business so always be willing and available. After all, not only the client will benefit on this, you will also reap the benefits of it after some time. You will never know how many better opportunity you will have upon helping your client.

Always remember that helping is a privilege and not a lost. Show your client that you are not after the salary that they are paying you, you are also after the welfare of the client’s sake. It is also important that you will not be a trouble maker to your client, do not go beyond what the client have directed you- do not assume, always ask and do what is expected from you. A person who is doing a job that is out of their job description is somehow impressive but you will never know the damage it can bring to a company- the person may not do it right or over doing a job. So stay where your client have commanded you, if you are done then do not hesitate to ask for another work.

Be the problem solver that you have to be, if you suspect that your client is having a problem, then be considerate and understand their situation. Like for example, the client is unable to pay you on time then do not get mad on your client, know the problem first then offer suggestions and possible solutions. Your job title is virtual assistant, meaning you will provide assistance to your client and this also means that you will be able to assist your client even if it is not the scope of your work as long as the client is needing and in this way, your client will definitely be impressed with your job and your attitude as well.

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