How to Manage Your Virtual Team


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When you put up a Virtual Agency, managing your team is very important in order to get the job done on time and of course, to make your clients happy. But it’s not as easy as it seems. You need to have good management skills and tools in order to make the system smooth.

Utilize the TECHNOLOGY

There are many ways now to make the work easier through the use of technology. It can solve most of problems that virtual offices have.  If you need to meet your team, you can always use your webcam to see each others computer screens and to monitor your team’s work even if you are miles away from each other. If you have something that you need to discuss on the whole team, you can download webinar software such as GoToMeeting and Adobe Breeze. These can make discussion easier as these tools allow you to  present better plus your team can also interact with you and other members just like on a regular office meeting.

Also, choosing a project management tool is strongly recommended. It doesn’t matter what tool it is as long as it’s easy to use and every member of your team is okay with it.   Choose a tool that can help you organize the task for every member and also allows them to update their progress in just one click. Web based project management tools are ideal so that the entire team can view the software anywhere.

Create Instructional Materials

To save time and energy, it’s best to create instructional materials for your virtual business so every time you hire someone on your team, you don’t have to keep on repeating your expectations and demands over and over. Include the type of tools you use and how to use them on your manual. It doesn’t have to be too long, if there are available trainings online, you can just place the link on your manual for them to visit and study.

Communication is the KEY

One of the reasons why virtual offices don’t run smoothly is because of lack of communication. You don’t need to schedule a meeting from time to time as this can affect the productivity of your team members. What you can do is to send message on email or Skype or Yahoo Messenger to each of your team members once in a while just to let them know that you are there and they can talk to you if they have concerns regarding their task.  Also, don’t forget to compliment your members if they did something good or if they finished early. Remember that happy workers can produce better outcome.

Hire the Right Person

You may have instructional materials for your virtual business but it is still important that your staff has knowledge on the project and knows what to do in case you are not around. You must hire someone independent, goal oriented well-disciplined and can manage to work on a team.


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