How to Reduce Health Risks of Laptops for Virtual Assistants


Laptops are really a great invention especially for Virtual Assistants like us. Their portability and convenience allows us to enjoy our profession by being able to work anywhere. Plus, most of us prefer to use laptops even while working at home. The desktop days are over now.

But, as the saying goes, “nobody is perfect” even these sleek devices have flaws.  If we take them for granted, our health might suffer. Sooner or later the simple backache or eyestrain may lead to bigger problems that will affect not only our work productivity but our health as well.

Working all day with our laptops can cause us lots of pain (back, neck, head, wrist, legs etc.), discomfort and other illness such as weakness and weight gain due to sitting all day. How can we prevent these problems? Here are some suggestions:

Create an Ergonomic Laptop Station

Since laptops are not ergonomically perfect, why not make ways to avoid the discomfort they can cause?  The first thing you could do is to place your laptop on a docking station.  Aside from its other functions, a docking station will give you better angle that will lessen your effort to look down on the screen. It will also lessen the strain that your laptop keyboard may cause to your wrist.

You may buy other laptop accessories such as mouse and keyboard so that you can place your hands at a more comfy location. Other things you could do are to buy an ergonomic chair and table for your home office.

Be aware on your POSTURE

Most VA’s usually just sit on their beds, couches, or ordinary chairs with no back support at all while using their laptops. Sitting on these chairs are fine but not recommended especially when working for long hours. Your posture will suffer and you may encounter back pains, tensed muscles or even difficulty in breathing.

The best solution is to invest on comfortable chair with great back support. This will help you do more plus, it also best to make sure that your feet are flat and well rested on the floor.

Don’t forget to EXERCISE even while working

Move your hands and feet once in a while. Do some stretching during your break time or while sitting in front of your laptop. Keeping your body moving will help prevent nerve tensions and will also refresh your mind when you are getting bored or tired with what you’re working on.  Walk around your home office or you may also do a full body exercise during your off or after work. Sitting for long hours will make you gain weight, if you don’t want to be fat, EXERCISE!

Eat Right!

Avoid junk foods; these will only make you more prone to diseases. Eating fruits and veggies will help fight muscle cramps and other negative effects of using a laptop. Getting something healthy to eat while working can also be a great chance to stretch your body.

Lastly, don’t forget to drink water. This will help your muscles be more relaxed but make sure not to spill it on your laptop. 🙂

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