Why is it Important to Make Yourself Visible Online and Offline


Why is it Important to Make Yourself Visible Online and Offline

To establish your personal branding, you should know the importance of making yourself visible to both online and offline platforms. Doing so would help your career by being recognized by influential professionals. It’s about making connections and letting your prospect clients know that you can provide the tasks and skills that they need.

Remember, to make yourself visible is to disseminate accurate information about you.

Online Visibility

With the help of technology’s influence, getting clients at the comfort of your home is made possible. If you want people to start referring you to potential clients though, one must understand the benefits of being visible online.

  1. It is now easy to search clients and individuals online. It’s even easier to make your self known. You can start by joining groups on social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn that are related to your career and skills.  There are several groups on these social networking sites that support freelancers and job seekers like you to land a job.
    In line with this, you’ll get to know more people that you can collaborate with and      will lead you to attract clients knocking at your door.
  2. Posting photos of your works online can actually show your quality and personality; Real-time photos can also increase user engagement.
  3. What’s good about online visibility is that you can do it for free. There are tons of free platforms available online where you can feature your portfolio and the achievements you have done. WordPress, BlogSpot and LinkedIn are few of the most used free platforms for everyone longing to make themselves visible online.
  4. Online, you will receive compliments and reviews on your page. Those reviews will definitely improve your credibility and legitimacy that will also make your prospect clients be interested enough to trust and hire you.

Offline Visibility

Get well known to local marketplaces first before you jump to online marketing . Here are some of the things you can do to be visible offline:

  • Be recognized everywhere you go through the use of business cards, the most effective offline marketing tool you can use. This will will be an accessible way for your clients to know where and when to reach you whenever they need your skills and services.
  • Publish a press release to magazines and newspapers about the services you offer. Tell them your qualifications that highlights your uniqueness compared to others.
  • You have the chance to meet other people with same interests as yours by participating in events, exhibitions and this can grow your professional network.
  • Be an active member of entrepreneurs and alike. This is actually the most used offline marketing strategy; where referrals are very common to happen.

Once you have started and established your online and offline visibility, you will never run out of clients and people who’d trust you well. Let your visibility speak for yourself and expect more people  to call you.


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