Improving your virtual assistant service is improving your market value


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Both currently working virtual assistants and aspiring virtual assistants in the Philippines know that being proficient in VA skills increases the chances of getting hired and at the right rate. In addition to administrative skills clients who are maintaining an online business are actively looking for virtual assistants that can take on specialized responsibilities to help in managing their business.

The following are VA services that warranty higher market value for your VA business if you are able to show that you’ve acquired mastery of them.

Online Research: Business owners trying to break-in on the web wants it to take off as soon as able. With the help of online research new market trends can easily be determined along with potential customer segment. A good researcher must have the ability to ask the right questions in order to dig deeper into the well of information available on the internet and must be smart enough to fetch for the right answers.

Adept in the latest technology: Because you’ll be working remotely with your clients, you must be able to make relevant use of online tools for communication, project management, content creation as well as social media management. Being able to do so demonstrates your reliability in updating the use of technology in your business as well as your client’s.

Article marketing: More and more organizations are utilizing this marketing method in order to expose their business to potential customers. Showing your client how a single relevant content can be promoted in different channels (like article directories, Ezines or social media) to easily achieve his business goals is something he will value for as long as his business stays active.

Forum posting: The thing about having an online business is that people buy from those they trust, and this trust factor is displayed often in forum discussions. A virtual assistant that is able to represent his or her client in forum discussions is able to provide others with relevant information about his client’s product or service without having to sound like a salesman. Forums are good online places where there is active engagement with real prospects of your client’s business.

Press release submission: Organizations want to bring public attention to their business. This is an acceptable practice especially if the business has something important to announce and that the public would benefit from it. This line of work calls for the virtual assistant to write PR content and submitting that to online press release websites.

Business link strategies: Strategizing on plans on who or where to link your client’s business in order to further expand his reach is something useful for your him or her; the more associates he’s got the more potential business he would gain.

These may seem like basic work to the virtual assistant but know that for as long as the client’s business is ongoing then the need for these services cannot be underestimated. Likewise, with the fast developments on the internet, virtual assistants cannot discount the fact that some things that worked well before may no longer work in the immediate future. That said it really important for virtual assistants to stay updated.

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As an online professional, Marilyn transitioned her way up to success by investing in the field of virtual assistance and web design. Networking with esteemed colleagues in the field, she co-founded Philippine Virtual Assistant Network (PVAN) , Philippines largest online virtual assistant community with over 20,000+ members and counting.

Marilyn is the Project Manager of Remote Virtual Assistant Agency, a virtual staffing agency based in New York, USA, as well as the trainer for Virtual Assistant Guide and Web Internship Program which helps aspiring work from home professionals.

As a serial entrepreneur, she's one of the managing partner of New York Sari-Sari Store Inc.- an eCommerce platform serving clients both in US & Philippines, St. Jeanne Beverly Learning Center & JM Property Rentals - a Pre-school Institution and a growing fleet of rental apartments together with her loving and very supportive husband.


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