What Should Be Included in your Resume as a VA?


What Should Be Included in your Resume as a VA?

The best marketing strategy to generate clients is to hire a virtual assistant. A recent research predicted that by the year 2018, online working especially virtual assistants (VA) will be worth $5 billion as online virtual working continues to flourish. VA job-seekers all over the world are growing by leaps and bound. The field is highly competitive so only the best applicant gets the position.

With this high type of competition, you can increase your chances of being hired by making spectacular resume profile and creating a virtual assistant website. These days, every Tom, Dick and Harry has a site or blog. Therefore, virtual assistants must maintain a single basic site to showcase your their resume, highlighting their skills and portfolio of work.

What is included in your VA resume?

  • Specific information:

It includes – (1) full name; (2) permanent & temporary addresses; and (3) telephone number & e-mail. In addition, it is also advisable to have a professional blog, e-portfolio, or profile in LinkedIn where you can place all other information.

  • Objective in applying for the position as VA:

Objective statements may or may be included. But it is more impressive to have one. Make your statement brief and specific citing your position, industry and relevant skills.

  • Qualifications:
  1. One of your most important qualities is reliability since clients want their virtual assistant to be a person they can rely on. Reliability and commitment to the task are some of your invaluable assets.
  1. Good communication skills – You have good verbal and writing skills that are needed to let the client know and update the progress of your work. You can communicate by Skype, email, and Twitter. You are aware that the more often you communicate with your client, they more confident they feel.
  1. Proper time management – Since VA’s work is independent, they need proper time  management. In fact, you can multi-task and get things done faster. You always plan your activities ahead and schedule tasks based on priorities.
  1. Computer skills – Since all of VA’s work is going to be done on the computer, you have acquired excellent computer skills. You can run the various programs needed, as well as basic computer maintenance for computer failure will affect the progress of work.
  1. Added skills: You are highly qualified as VA for you also know data entry, desktop publishing and typing (at least 60 words per minute).
  • Work experiences:

This portion includes (1) Organizations or company where you were employed; (2) addresses; (3) your positions and/or titles; (4) periods of employment for each job, according to dates; and (5) short detailed description and/or responsibilities in bullet list.

Structure carefully the work experience section of your resume to impress hiring managers.

  • Educational qualifications:

This information is presented in a chronological but in reverse order– (1) schools you have attended; (2) graduation dates and dates of attendance; (3) degrees sought or completed. It is good to add information that is related to your course of study, honors and scholarships and special projects accomplished.


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