Is it Appropriate to be Friendly with Clients?


Is it Appropriate to be Friendly with Clients? Filipino Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistant Philippines, Virtual Assistant Services Philippines, Virtual Assistant Training Philippines,

There’s a lot of questions among  virtual assistants if it’s appropriate to be friendly with clients.

When I landed a part time project for a Canadian client few months ago, at first I was hesitant to talk to Fiona, a children’s book author.  But when she asked me my plans in the future, I shared to her what’s my thoughts about it.

Here are some tips on how to handle your working relationship with your clients:

1. Never confess your problems

-The moment you opened up your problems to your client, they might think that you want to catch their attention. It brings them negative vibes if you tell some of your personal problems in your life.

When the typhoon hit Manila few months ago, Fiona asked me if everything’s okay in my place. Suddenly, I told her that my room at that time flooded because of roof leaks. I thought she wouldn’t replied to my email but to my surprise, she gave me a bonus via Odesk. It was alloted for the fixture of our roofs. Few weeks later, I told her that we both new roofs.

2. Treat your clients like your boss

-Been working online for almost two years already, I always looked up on whom I’m working with. It’s okay to be friends with your client, but you have to instill that you are working for their project. Bottom line is, you can be their friend or enemy. Treat your clients like your boss.

3. Friendly chats with clients

-Whenever I have a conversation with our section manager, Rob on Skype, I always see to it that our conversation is about my tasks. Few days ago, when he asked me what happened to my birthday…I told him that it went well. Then, I switched the conversation about my pending tasks.

Do not start a friendly conversation with your client, unless they ask you something personal. Even in the course of a job interview, it always happened. Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that she had an interview with a client on Odesk. Then, all of a sudden…the client started the conversation with, “You’re pretty.” She rejected the project due to very arrogant conversation with that client.

4. Make friends with them on social networking sites

-I’m currently working as an online content writer for a niche site, our former section manager added me up on Google+ a month ago. At that time, I didn’t know if I will follow her back or not. But I know her good intention, so I added her back.

It’s hard to have your co-workers and clients added into your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. They can read your rants on their timelines. In my personal experience with a local client, I ranted on Facebook about the conflicts with his company. Few days later, I was ousted for one of the project due to low performance of the said product. But the truth is that he was scared over what I will reveal on my timeline.

Whether it has good or bad on having them on your social networking account, you have the LIMITATION to do things online.

It’s up to you if you make friends with your clients.



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