Link Building Basics


Link building is a website promotion technique where other web site owners place a link on their websites that points into yours.

Purpose of Link Building:

a.         To Increase traffic to your website

b.         To make your site well known to others – Authority

c.         To help in having your site found by popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo on your targeted keyword.

If there’s a link towards your site, Its like a vote. The more people linking into your website, the more votes you have in Google’s eyes so the more votes you have, the higher your rankings will go.

Ways of Building Links :

Reciprocal Links

Other website has a link that will point to your site while your website should also have link that will point to that other site. Both sites will be mutually benefited. With this method, you have to contact the webmaster of the site you plan to have a reciprocal link

One Way Links

These are links from other sites that point to your site, with no reciprocal links. These links are given more importance in the search engines algorithm than reciprocal links.

Article Links

This is a good link building strategy especially if you submit articles from high profile sites. In return for the exposure and link popularity, your article should have great content. You can write as many articles as you can. After your articles have been posted, one-way links are given to your site from the articles. This can be done in submitting your articles in different article submission websites like ezine etc..

Check here for some list of article submission  websites

Press Release Submission 

In this method, you will have to write press release articles about you product, services, operations, and other activities. Submission of press release articles from leading news sites is a great way to get back links.

Social Bookmarking

Since most social bookmarking links and listings are public listings, other people will see and may click on these links. Search engines will often rank sites higher if it has lots of social bookmarks.

Triangular Link Exchange

This is also called three way link exchange. It happens when a site offers to link to your site if you will link to another website they suggest.

Ex. A gives link to site B, site B  to site C and site C to site A. All three sites have one-way links.

Text Link and Image Link

Text link is  an all text listing that when clicked, will take the person back to your site.

Image Link is in the form of graphic image usually a paid link to another’s website. When I say paid, it doesn’t always involve money. It can be a kind of barter agreement.

Directory Submission

Directories are perfect for providing inbound links, and it is better if you submit to a directory that focuses on your subject. Some directories require payments while others are free.

Note: There are sites that will require you to pay in order to link you to their websites. This is a bit expensive but it is effective.

Forum Posting

This is the most common method of link building. You just simply post a comment in a forum and include your website link in your signature line. This can either be a text or graphic link.

Anchor Text

If your purpose is to increase your PR, text link is more advisable to use. This is because you can put keywords in the text of the link. The keyword you put is called anchor text.

Anchor text is the clickable words on a web page. It gives your visitors useful information about the content of the page you’re linking. It tells search engines what the page is about. It helps increase rankings in search engines.

Paid Advertising

This is commonly seen in several websites with high PR. Usually, you will be placing a paid ads and in return you’ll receive a good amount of incoming  links. Just be careful in selecting where to bet your money in buying advertising space. This is very important to get the most out of your investment.

Internal Link Building

External link building is important in SEO but we must not also forget about spending time doing something about our internal site structure as well. Internal link building refers to the linking on your website from one of your pages.

EX: You will link your homepage to another page in your site.

When Google’s spiders crawl a website, they enter and go to the Anchor text link. The spiders find a website with strong internal links and they crawl much better which help give more traffic to website and higher ranking.

Create Another Blog

Heard of the website given by,, typepad, wix, etc..?   These are free hosted websites where you can make a replica of your site in terms of the contents – all pointing to your main website.  You will have the control of putting several links to your website.

“The more links, the more votes. The more votes, the more google spiders & crawlers can tag and index your site so you’ll have a higher PR. The higher PR the more visible in the search engines on your targeted keyword. ”

1. Higher Authority
2. High Trust Rank
3. Builds Relationship

Link Building Pointers!

Avoid linking to low quality sites.

Always check for the PR first. PR (Page Rank) is the metric used by google to measure the quality and quantity of a certain page. You can check the PR by using the SEOQuake. I’ve been using this on my browser.

Low quality websites are those sites with too many outgoing links on it (LINK FARMS). Others can include online casinos, adult entertainment, etc.

You can also notice that most of new websites are asking for reciprocal linking. This will only benefit them but not on your side.

Check for the Quality of the content. 

Getting a high PR means they have a good quality content. The people are reading this and always longing for release of new articles. Consequently, you may also notices that majority of good quality content are often retweeted and shared in several networking sites since they found it very useful.

Avoid linking to Bad Neighborhoods

Bad neighborhoods are websites that use foul tactics to try and increase their site’s rankings. They also do harm to customers visiting the site. These include:



Installing viruses or malware

If you try to link to these kind of sites, your site may be penalized or get banned from Google


Link to a selective group of relevant websites.

EX: If your site is about foods, you may link to restaurants and other food sites and not on car manufacturer or fashion website. Someone may ask for linking from other niche like beauty products while your site is about social media with high PR. Think about it!

See who links to your competitors

Check those who link to your competitors and try to link your site as well

Factors to Consider in Incoming Links

The website/webpage that links to you should have connection to your website.

The link has to be crawlable/followable.

Anchor text should be related to the webpage the link leads to.

The link should lead to the web page not the homepage.

The site that links your website should be established, credible, and if possible popular on search engines.

There should be text related to the anchor text and your page before and after the link.

Video on How to check back links

Lastly, I will talk about Linking Strategy

In Link building strategy, you must start on having a good content. You should also include outbound links that visitors will find useful. Lastly, you should have a target list of sites from which you can request links.

If you have a budget and want to make your life easier, you may also hire SEO specialist.  You have to be careful though. Some SEO companies just link without strategy which is very wrong. They sometimes put your website to crappy sites just to get more back links.


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