How To Live A Rich Life Without Spending A Lot And Saving Some Too


How To Live A Rich Life Without Spending A Lot

“Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” 

                                                                          ~Oscar Wilde


The pursuit of riches in today’s society seem to be the “be all and end all” to a better life and happiness.  It may be provide benefits to our lives,  but only to some extent.  Money does not necessarily buy happiness and fulfillment in life. There are better things to be than being rich and the biggest mistake you can make in your life is by using debt to finance the lifestyle you are looking for.  

Once we have sufficient money to meet our basic needs, it contributes very little to our overall well-being and happiness. Having the happiness from within is what riches can’t afford to provide.  Here are some things to live a rich life without spending a lot:

  1.  Accept and be grateful. –  Learn to accept that money is never the means to make you happy; therefore it can never be a top priority. Be grateful for what you have at the moment.  Money may come and go, but contentment  offers more happiness despite of your financial status.
  1.  Be resourceful and be wise. –  Learn how to live with less.  They say less is more. Refrain from buying stuff you don’t really need, otherwise any money you spend on stuff is lost.  Your spending should be centered on the most basic needs such as clothing, food and shelter.  Do simple and less expensive things that you will enjoy such as having a delicious morning coffee with your family or friends, simple walks at the park, or a trip to the museum.  
  1.  Don’t spend if you don’t have the money.  Other people resort to debt when they want to spend on something.  Using credit cards may be good to build your credit score, but it should be used wisely. Always bear in mind that you have to pay credit card companies with high interests when you use them.  This includes all things you spend on loan, as well.   Don’t spend on money you still don’t have.  When you want to buy something, save for it.  Have 2 accounts from your income, one account for your basic needs and another account for saving such as college education for your child, emergency fund good for 3 to 6 months of living expenses, travel for your family and retirement.  Anything extra is what you’ll spend for your “wants”.
  1.  Pursue your passion.  Do what you love.-  It is so much fun waking up excited and looking forward to a job you love to do, rather than doing one that doesn’t bring you fulfillment and satisfaction.   When you pursue what you love, money flows in naturally into your life.  The bottomline is to end up happy rather than working out of compulsion.
  1.  Make every purchase a well-thought decision. –  If you have the money, think twice before spending.  First spend on saving.  Allot 20% of your money to saving  for your future and emergency contingencies.  Before purchasing, ask yourself, do you need it or want it?  Will your purchase benefit your family, your health or your life?  Can it wait or will it just be another thing you’ll forget and store somewhere?
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