Make Your VA Home Office Conducive To Productivity


Make Your VA Home Office Conducive To Productivity

Recent years have seen the rising trend of people working from home.  It has become an appealing alternative for greater flexibility and independence, particularly for those who need to stay home for the family and other personal reasons.  Working from home, however,  presents a lot of distractions that may affect your focus and productivity at work.

To make your home office more conducive to work, below are tips that could increase your productivity, resulting to more satisfied clients and more chances for work-at-home success:

1. Be organized and clutter-free :  Keep your home office organized and neat by having drawers or cabinets to store your files; pens and pencils should be all placed in a container. Everything should be clean even in unseen places.  This makes you have a positive flow of energy around you which makes your space more conducive to work.

2. Always have a dedicated or designated workspace in one part of your house that will be strictly used only for work. As much as possibie, keep that  workspace separate and exclusive from the rest of the house where  the other household  members are busy or noisy doing their own thing. This area should be quiet and free from distractions.  Set up the mood to work.  It’s a no-no to work from home lying on the sofa with your laptop while watching TV.

3. Invest in an ergonomic desk chair that will bring you comfort while working. Your chair must be your personal choice and should be the right size to prevent bad posture. You can also arrange your workstation where you can look out the window at a wonderful view or a garden.  Your chair should not be situated with its back to the door, but if there is no other option, you can have a mirror placed on top of your desk.

4. The lighting in your workspace should be indirect and soft as possible. The glare from sunlight or from overhead lights should be minimized by the use of lamp shades. If possible, your station should have lots of natural light coming through your window.  If windowless, make sure to have sufficient lighting such as overhead lights or directional lamps.

5. Spice up your workspace by decorating items that will boost your mental alertness as well as your spiritual well-being. An example may be an indoor plant placed on top of your desk or even scented candles.  You can play nature sounds or music that will relax or calm your mind and nerves.

6. Let people in the household cooperate with you and understand that there should be no interruption while you are working. While working, keep your focus only on your task and the moment you step into your workspace,  you should feel that you are really in a regular office.

Your home workspace reflects your personality.  Be sure that everything is neatly organized and tidy.  Filipino virtual assistants, as well as the Chinese believe in the positive flow of energy or what we call as “Chi” in Chinese.  With this energy flowing around,  this will assure you of more customers and better business.

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As an online professional, Marilyn transitioned her way up to success by investing in the field of virtual assistance and web design. Networking with esteemed colleagues in the field, she co-founded Philippine Virtual Assistant Network (PVAN) , Philippines largest online virtual assistant community with over 20,000+ members and counting.

Marilyn is the Project Manager of Remote Virtual Assistant Agency, a virtual staffing agency based in New York, USA, as well as the trainer for Virtual Assistant Guide and Web Internship Program which helps aspiring work from home professionals.

As a serial entrepreneur, she's one of the managing partner of New York Sari-Sari Store Inc.- an eCommerce platform serving clients both in US & Philippines, St. Jeanne Beverly Learning Center & JM Property Rentals - a Pre-school Institution and a growing fleet of rental apartments together with her loving and very supportive husband.


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