Managing Projects Effectively


Virtual assistants in the Philippines shouldn’t think of themselves as just remote soloist workers; if any they should aim to become project managers of their client’s business and supervise a team of other virtual workers. Becoming a project manager is an opportunity to highlight your team leadership and management skills that are also beneficial to your work tenure with your client or boss.

Managing Projects Effectively

Here are just some of the skills you need to learn to become a successful project manager:

Managerial skills: A good manager is mindful of work operations and the need to get work done right and on time. He knows the value of each deliverables to the success of the business.

Team leadership skills: Some projects are cross-functional that may involve different people from different work areas of the business. The team leader is responsible for creating a balanced atmosphere for team members that may not know each other, and lead them to openly share ideas for collaborative success.

First-rate communication skills: Leaders cannot thrive in their field without a good communication skill to back it up. A project manager with good communication skills is able to help his team visualize the goals of the project – including the why, what, where, when and the how of it. Well communicated project instructions are likewise easier to follow than those that were misunderstood.

Organizational skills: Think documentations, contracts, correspondences and everything else that requires paper trail; the bigger the project the more materials to organize. Being a good organizer saves you valuable time in the future when a particular material is required for recall or reference.

Time management skills: What may seem like an ordinary work discipline issue is actually very important in project management. Projects are always given a set time to begin and finish, and for which the results may be used for a business operations. If time management skill is mastered, the success of a project is almost warranted.

Planning skills: If you can plan your 5-day vacation travel then you can plan a project. A good planner is able to design and breakdown work program with tasks in hierarchy of importance with or without simultaneous parallel tasks. In planning, delegation of tasks to the rightful team member is likewise part of the skill.

Motivational skill: Of course, what is the use of being the best in all team management skills when you fail in motivating your team to engage in the project? A good motivator inspires the team to work hand-in-hand with the idea of being able to contribute to something big as an inspiration. To be a good motivator, the leader must also set the example by demonstrating interest in the project at hand.

Problem solving skills: Project development always comes with challenges and problems; a good leader should be able to identify the root cause of a problem and determine whether the same is relevant to the project; he should also be able to identify if the problems require urgent attention or can be set aside to be addressed later. Problems arising during project development often create “roadblocks” in accomplishing deliverables on time.


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