Marketing Yourself as a Virtual Assistant


Home based work opportunities continue to grow that’s why more and more people are encouraged to become a Virtual Assistant. If you decide to become a one, you must keep in mind that there are so many VA’s out there already competing for work and knowing how to market yourself is necessary.

Looking for a client is the hardest part of this career. Learn the different strategies on how to sell yourself so that you’ll stand out among your competitors. Your success will depend on your ability to look for clients and maintain them.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some online and offline strategies for marketing yourself as a Virtual Assistant.


Know your Goals and Research!

Make some research to keep yourself updated on Virtual Assistant trends. This will also give you idea regarding what clients want from Virtual Assistants and the best marketing strategies that are commonly used by your competitors.

Decide your goals or what you want to achieve. These include you’re the following:

•          The type of services you want to offer.

•          The number of hours you want to work.

•          Decide on your target market and where to look for them

•          Number of clients you can accommodate.


Consider what’s in Your Portfolio

Before considering your services, clients will evaluate your portfolio. This is an effective tool to show clients what you are capable of doing. Because you are using your portfolio to sell your services, it should be well prepared and of great quality. Your portfolio should be free from errors and it must be professional or else, the client will just look for other Virtual Assistant portfolios.


Increase your online Presence

Find forums, articles, and communities like what we have here in Virtual Assistant Philippines and get involved by posting comments or answering questions. It is also important to build your public profile in every community you’re joining. Don’t forget to put your skills and VA related experiences. Also put your contact information such as email , yahoo messenger id, or even your own website.

You may also do blogging especially if you have a website or you may also consider submitting blogs to other sites that accepts post from freelancers. This is an effective  way to build name recognition and to network with other clients and VA’s Thru this, more and more people will visit your site. This may also serve as your work sample so make sure to write a nice and informative blog.


Take Advantage of Social Media

Build a nice profile on a different social media sites and invite clients and prospects to check it out. Be active in your wall by posting anything related to your  field so that they’ll be interested to visit your page or to follow you. You can post articles, news, tips, upcoming events, or even your own work. You can also send your clients a message advertizing your services through social media.

Some of the most popular social media site includes:

•          Facebook (try to separate your work account to personal account)

•          Twitter ( post a tweet that interest your followers and can attract potential clients)

•          Linked in (this is more on business social network, ask some clients to create testimonials for you)

•          Google+


Business Cards

Wherever you go, always bring your business card with you. Giving business card is also an effective online marketing tool for your services. While you’re out, you might meet potential clients or some people who might get you clients.  It’s best to be always prepared.

In making business cards, always make sure to include your name, type of services you offer, email or your website URL.


Network with other VA’s

Make friends with other VA’s with different skills as yours. In that way, they can recommend you with their clients just in case they are looking for the services that they do not offer. Also, you can create a team for big projects to make work a lot easier and to meet client deadlines.


Be Confident in Your Job Interviews Online or Offline

When a client found your portfolio impressive, he will immediately contact you and set for a meeting. Whether you meet online or in person, try to talk to him confidently without being boastful. Just try to make the conversation normal and tell him about your strengths and skills and  how will it benefit his company. You may also show your work samples. You should also not forget to listen to your client. Ask him about his expectations and job requirements.


Maintain a Good Relationship with your Clients

If you maintain a good relationship with your clients, it will bring you more jobs. They will continue to hire you as their Virtual Assistant and they might even recommend you to other clients. Just make sure  that you do your task properly and on time. You can even ask them to make recommendations and testimonials of you in social networking sites you are connected.

Marketing yourself as a Virtual Assistant is a continues process. As long as you work as a VA you should continue to advertize yourself. Remember, the more clients you have, the more you’ll have money to pay your bills J Be patient in doing your marketing strategy. It takes time and effort to find clients just make sure you do your best in your future and current projects.

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