Why You Need to Continuously Learn New Skills as a Virtual Assistant?


Why You Need to Continuously Learn New Skills

Do you know that online VA’s industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today? The internet has created another line of work; commonly called Virtual Assistants. Businessmen from the old school did all their work themselves but it ended up messing their business as well as their family life. What is the use of a highly profitable enterprise if you don’t have a family to inherit after you’re gone? Modern people enjoy both worlds: operating a successful business and spending quality time with family.

Welcome to VA’s

As self-employed workers, virtual assistants provide professional administrative, creative (social) or technical assistance to faraway clients from their home place. Considered as an independent contractor, a VA is not an employee so their client is not liable for the requisite employee-related taxes, paying insurance or benefits, except those indirect expenses included in the VA fees.

Benefits for clients

Clients have to provide regular employees all those legal benefits; however, with virtual assistants, they are not required to provide office space, equipment or supplies. The Client has only to pay 100% productive work, and the option to work with the Virtual Assistant, individually, or through multi-VA firms to meet their exact needs.

Building up their skills is a never-ending task for Virtual Assistants

Today, it is estimated that there are as many as 25,000 virtual assistants worldwide. Since the profession is growing in par with centralized economies and developing technologies, Virtual Assistants need to continually build up their skills to get the best position and provide top service.

  • Valuable Skill Set

Virtual assistants are highly skilled independent contractors and have a broad range of experience; however, since most virtual assistants are working in a specific  niche, they have a better understanding of the industry better than others who are not focused on a particular niche.

  • Develop skills in these apps
  1. For most VAs, Skype is their second home to contact clients when they are states apart, as well as dealing with various social media accounts.
  1. Design as a dashboard, the Hootsuite is the apps that allow users to pull in multiple social media accounts and schedule Tweets and updates into the future.
  1. To link files and info between clients and VA, the Dropbox keeps all files so if you or computer breaks down, no worries –  everything is safe.
  1. The central meeting place for client and VA to meet is the Basecamp where they  convene, share files, and share information or conversations.

There are still more to learn that will bring VAs to the next level.

  • Need to brush up on these skills

Virtual assistant jobs are by no means doing clerical work. However, there are some skills you’ll need for getting virtual assistant jobs.

  1. Data entry job is one of the many skills to develop as a virtual assistant.
  1. Knowledge in desktop publishing is essential to do these tasks: writing books, preparing brochures, designing business cards, calendars and more.
  1. Good communication skills.
  1. Typing skills.
  1. Good writing skills.
  1. Good organizational skills.
  1. Computer savvy.

A virtual assistant has to master many skills to be competitive. It is only through their efforts in honing these skills that they will find their niche in the cyber world.  If you have worked as an administrative assistant or a secretary in an office in the past, you can brush up on your skills to become a successful virtual assistant.


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