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For a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines working remotely for a client based in another country, or relatively far away, the more web-based tools you can find to use, the better.

It can be a challenge for any VA to maintain the same efficacy and provide the same quality service that someone working in an office can provide. As a remote worker, you must work harder, and seek out additional productivity tools to improve the quality of service you offer your clients.

A huge problem that many employers complain about working with remote-based freelancers, is keeping the lines of communication open. You want to always be available for your clients, and make communication as simple and easy as possible. There are several web-based tools to help with that, including:

  • email,
  • instant messaging,
  • project tracking,
  • video conferencing,
  • online fax and
  • online voicemail.

Online fax and online voicemail are really under-used tools that can drastically improve your productivity as a virtual assistant.

Time differences can make it difficult for you to work while your client works, and so you may need to send them important messages, too sensitive for email, without paying costly international call rates – that’s where these tools can come in.

Additionally, there are times when you are working on hard-copy documents for your client that can only be submitted through fax, not as an email-attachment. You may not have a fax machine at home, or have access to one, but once you have your computer and an internet connection – you can send that fax without a problem.

Let’s not forget the immense value these tools can provide to your business clients. Businesses looking for someone to assist them with customer service, invoicing or other administrative tasks like these, are eager to hire people who can take calls, messages and fax documents on their behalf, without much investment from them.

Here are just a few of some of the tools available for online voicemail and fax services:

1. Skype

Skype is one of the more commonly used web-based calling applications. Skype also provides it users with unique numbers and voicemail inboxes at a very inexpensive rate.

2. Toll Free Forwarding

This is a similar web-based telephone and fax service that allows its users to receive calls and make them. This website boasts a short activation process, and promises that its users can receive calls in as little as three minutes

3. Google Voice

This is an online phone service commonly used by businesses, freelancers and individuals alike. Google offers its users a phone-number, online voicemail and even mobile applications that allow you to use the program on your cell phone.

There are obviously several websites that offer very similar services at low rates compared to the rates of other phone services and paying for international calls, voicemail and faxing charges. Not only is it important for virtual assistants to be familiar with and use their services, it is also important for businesses and entrepreneurs to use these and improve the way in which they communicate with their customers and suppliers.

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