Why are Online Filipino Freelancers Struggling in their Career?


freelancingThis is a painful truth – most Filipino freelancers barely get by to make ends meet be it writer, graphic designer, web developer or virtual assistant. But let this not be a source of discouragement as there are also groups of freelancers that always have their hands full of work.

If the freelancer remains in unsuccessful situation, the following may very well be the reasons behind it.

False expectations. Just like everything else, there’s always the good side and bad. Being on your own to develop strict work discipline, constantly up your skills and look for the right job may seem like a struggle at first. But given the correct mindset, false expectations can easily be managed.

Not knowing your strengths: As a freelancer, you can’t be everything; somehow you possess a skill that is unique only to you. Every freelancer knows that specialists are able to command a higher pay for their service. If you choose to be a generalist why expect a client to pay you more for the kind of work that others can easily do?

Being too picky: Not that this is a real problem because you get the best jobs only when you know how to pick the right ones, however, missing out on a good learning opportunity from a sub-par work is really missing out on the possibilities of better future work. Even the best experiences are learned in the worst of times; the same holds true in contracting sub-par jobs in the meantime that you’re still learning the ropes of the industry.

Always saying yes to trivial work: The opposite is true if you constantly accept the kinds of job that are too trivial for your unique skill. If you fill up your time with meaningless tasks enough to overwhelm you then you’ll have no open opportunity to knock on the doors of the right people for the right job.

Not knowing your value: You may be in on a well-paying job already but if your pay on that job is still below what your skills are really worth then you’re still missing a lot. In the same manner that “freebies” for clients that are left unpaid conveys the message that your time is not valuable. Always create a balance if you want to dole out favors for client in lieu of longer working relationship.

Not being proactive in hunting for the best job: The best that some Filipino freelancers may have done so far were to bid jobs at job bidding sites or just wait for referrals. While having a wide network of other freelancers is good, just waiting for job referrals is literally putting your fate in the hands of others. If “how-to- do-it-right” is what’s stopping you from doing an active job search then take serious time to learn this craft.

The truth is that there is vast opportunity out there for the Filipino freelancer. Studies also reveal that there’s a steady increase of this group in the working class and is showing great success. As more and more companies turn to the internet to generate business, freelancers will never run out of work to do

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