Podcasting as a Way to Blog


One of the things to manage your brand is to create podcasts for your blog.  A number of entrepreneurs who are successful establishing their websites use podcasting as a way to blog.  In another article, it was mentioned that podcasts aid the viewer or the listener to make a quick or immediate decision to purchase a product or acquire services.

Podcasting, however, maybe an alien thing, as much as developing a brand but they can be learned.  It just takes one’s dedication to focus on the development or improvement of his/her brand using tools such as podcasts.

What are podcasts?

About Tech defines podcasts as digital media files (most often audio, but they can be video as well), which are produced in a series’.  Wikipedia tells it in a more technical way – an episodic series of digital media files which a user can set up so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user’s own local computer or portable media player.”  Podcasting embodies the characteristics of combined ‘broadcasting’ and ‘iPod’.  It uses a file format like MP3, which is the most popular among a few music files and it reads as MPEG layer 3.

To rephrase, podcasting is a succession of audio and/or video files that can be streamed and broadcasted on the internet via blogs.

Doing Podcasts the Right Way

If you are a newbie businessman that desires to use podcasts in your blog to establish your brand, it is an obvious fact to be confused.  You will definitely need to find resources to create successful podcasts.

  • Your own character.  Podcasting is not an easy task.  Unless you decide on hiring another person to do it for you (but this will require expenses), you are required to give your utmost dedication because it entails a lot of effort and time.  You also need focus because any form of distraction will veer you away from your goal.
  • Directories. Find great podcasting directories where you can get started on.  You can choose from any of the following: iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher Radio, and Google Play Music (John Lee Dumas, EO Fire).
  • Equipment.  Lifehacker mentioned about having good equipment to successfully perform a podcast namely: a microphone, a computer, and an audio editing software, and others that are optional but will be very useful, too, like a portable XLR recorder, an audio interface, and pop filters.  Go and visit the site to learn more about these pieces of equipment.
  • Topic.  The World Wide Web offers a lot of resources for any topic you might want to indulge yourself with.  Thought Catalog gives you these amazing new ideas.  They are amazing indeed as the topics are in the course of what is trending nowadays.  What more could you ask for with this list of 200 ideas for your next podcast by Melody Kramer?  If you do not find a topic among these lists, at least you can have an idea from a set of ideas that are available online.
  • The podcasting procedure.  You might argue that this is self-explanatory but having a procedure will definitely facilitate everything.  Do not worry; you are not alone in your quest to have a successful podcast, and definitely from being ‘innocent’.  The whole procedure consist of steps like pressing record button, speaking, pressing stop, editing, tagging the MP3 with your name, podcast title and description, uploading to your media host where your store your podcasts, scheduling your podcast’s release date, publishing a podcast’s episode, then finally, submitting your podcasts to directories.

Podcasting as a way to blog, and sooner or later, a means to create a brand that stands up from the rest, is definitely what every businessman should do.  It does not end in knowing the basics, it is proven, but starting this plan will provide a way for people to take interest, communicate, and buy your products or services.

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