More than Skills Proficiency, Aspiring Virtual Assistants Must Also Possess these Ideal Traits


Any aspiring virtual assistant in the Philippines would think that in order to become successful in this industry you would need to learn a few or improve on some skills. That point alone is mandatory as maintaining an online business, especially for your clients, will require different online specializations. Is this all there is to become successful in this field? The answer is NO. In as much as skills are important to brag what you know to the prospective clients, majority are looking for ideal traits that will define how well the virtual assistant will work under various working circumstances. Just as you would look for an ideal client, the same is true of them when looking to work with virtual assistants.

More than Skills Proficiency, Aspiring Virtual Assistants Must Also Possess these Ideal Traits

A Strong Sense of Responsibility

This trait is not taught in school but at home during our growing up years. When sense of responsibility is taught early on even as a lame duty, it will become engrained in both the mind and heart to resonate later on in life and work — by taking ownership in the choices we make and standing by the consequences of our actions.


Being independent is not being snobbish with co-workers or associates to a get a work done, but simply being self-sufficient by not waiting on others’ initiative to do what has to be done.


If you think about it, any kind of work done over and over again may make you feel bored in the process. This does not come as a surprise as every kind of worker, professional or otherwise, will feel this way at one point in their life. But what may be considered as a surprise are those kinds of workers that continue to display enthusiasm for work each day.


‘Be it personal or professional goals, self-starters have it in them the power to initiate change (for the good, of course) and make it happen. As a virtual assistant, you are remotely located from your boss or client and they may not have the liberty of time to “push you up” in as much as you crave for it. Being a self-starter means you know your value as a professional and do the “push” to primarily benefit oneself.


No virtual assistant would have their clients doubt them, most especially in handling private business information. Being able to show trustworthiness means you know the equation: when clients know and feel that they can trust you then they will work with you for a long time. You can trust as well that your job is secured.

Thinking out-of-the-box

Being creative means you are thinking in ways not common to everyone. This trait is quite useful in analysing research information or when trying to dig deeper during planning sessions. Your client will appreciate your creative interaction as it will show you’re interested in his business in a greater way than just the task at hand.


As a person, how would you feel when you counted on someone for something important only to find out that he or she failed you with intent? That issue lies on how credible that person is. In the same way when critical work is involved between you and your client, reliability is always at play as your deliverables can make or break his business process and eventually his trust on you.




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