Telecommuting: A New Way to Make Money Working from Home


Telecommuting jobs are great opportunities to make money working from home. But be wary of the great many scams that claim you will earn a lot of money in a very short period of time. Many of these so-called opportunities are designed to take your money – and what you will receive in return are just basic instructions on how to place an AD identical to the one you responded to. The “earning” that you get here is the same fee that you will charge the next poor guy that comes along in order to receive the same bogus instructions.

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Scams are quite common among work-from-home job offers. If any telecommuting job or virtual assistant work you are considering requires you to pay a fee or purchase materials – then it is most likely a scam. You will need to research any work from home job offers you are considering very carefully to make sure that the offer is legitimate and the company is reputable.

The good news is that there are some very good and legitimate telecommuting jobs available. A legitimate telecommuting job will require you to have some skills. The type of skills will depend on the job required, and you will most likely need a high-speed internet connection, a fax and possibly a second phone line. Many large corporations outsource clerical and administrative work to telecommuters and Virtual Assistants. Working with virtual assistant is an option employed by many corporations to save on overhead costs.

When applying for a work-from-home, telecommute, or virtual assistant job with an established company, treat the interview and the position as any other job. Submit your resume and demonstrate professionalism. There are also online companies offering telecommuting job opportunities and virtual assistant work that are legitimate and will provide you with a regular income.

As with any other legitimate jobs, telecommuting or virtual assistant jobs require you to harness whatever skills you have – administrative, writing, designing, coding, etc – and perform actual work as well as reporting to a supervisor. There are many successful telecommuters and established Virtual Assistants earning enough compensation that is comparable and even better than regular office jobs. If you make wise choices, you can find a great job working from home.

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