The Do’s and Don’ts of Promoting Your Own VA Business



The competition in the online world is very stiff and challenging. For you to survive, you have to think of ways to make people aware that you/your company exists. Some do spend on advertising but for virtual assistants and other freelancers, they make use of social media and other online marketing strategies to promote their services.

Before doing your “self-promotion”, keep in mind that your goal is to attract customers and not to annoy them.  Promoting/Marketing yourself doesn’t mean you have to flood every website just to get noticed, you must learn first the ethical and effective ways on how to promote yourself online.

Here are the do’s and don’ts:


  • Don’t beg for work – Don’t be desperate! Posting ads with begging effect won’t help you land a job instead, people will just think that you are not good enough .What you can do is to compose a good description about your services and credibility as a VA.
  • Don’t SPAM people- Spamming will just irritate people and you might get banned if you keep on posting same ads on your social account/s.  Your friends might even unfollow you or remove you from their friend’s list if you keep on doing this.  Post something that will benefit your audience and for sure, someone will contact you for a possible work opportunity.
  • Don’t be selfish – if all you do is post tweets, articles or status about you then people will just think that you are narcissistic or selfish. Try to mention other people as well or if you saw an article that you think might be helpful to others, share it.
  • Don’t lie to your audience – Don’t tell people false advertisements. Don’t tell them that you have been working as virtual assistants for 5 years when in fact, you just started your VA career. If they caught you lying, you’ll surely lose your credibility.


  • Be confident – If you know in yourself that you have the knowledge and skills then prove to them that you are good on what you do.  Make them feel that you really know what you are saying.
  • Be Professional – This is applicable not only when working with a client but when doing your self promotion as well. Always do your advertizing strategy in a professional and ethical manner. Even if you are skilled if you don’t know how to market yourself correctly, no one will give you a job.
  • Network with People – Keep on adding prospects and fellow freelancers in your social media accounts. Having a huge network will help you land a job and learn more about online industry.
  • Be active! Socialize!– Post questions, join in the conversations,  tell stories or answer queries. These are good ways to build a relationship with your audience.

Now that you know the do’s and don’t of self promotion, it will now be easier for you to shine and be an  in-demand Virtual Assistant. Just make sure to do your best in every gig you will get to be able to maintain a good online reputation.

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