Tips for applying to job posts in Upwork


Tips for applying to job posts in Upwork

Upwork is one of the top leading freelancing platforms for businesses, business owners, and independent professionals or virtual assistants to work together remotely. It is known for it’s reliability, credibility and exceptional functionality.

Having an amazing platform for you to book a job is not enough for you to be able to keep it though. You’d also need to put some effort if you want to follow the footsteps of those who became successful freelancers.

Here are some things that would be helpful to you in securing that Upwork Job:

  • Do your Research- As previously said in this article, Upwork is a pretty reliable platform. That shouldn’t stop you from doing your own research though. It’s still better if you personally know the job you’re looking at to understand it even more and know if you’re qualified to take it. Your research could include Google searches or even through your peers.
  • Tailor your Portfolio Accordingly- Having a portfolio is amazing, but that won’t be enough. Nowadays, almost everyone owns a portfolio––so having one wouldn’t be an edge all the time. Make sure to tailor it depending on every job that you’d be applying for. This would not only give an impression to your clients that you understand the job, it could also highlight the skills you have that is going to be useful for them.
  • Know your Clients- Although Upwork does most of the job to filter and screen your potential clients, it wouldn’t hurt to know them yourself. See to it that you know how credible they are, how long they’ve been a part of the Upwork community, and if they are good to their virtual assistants. Knowing all that would be important in the long run,trust me.
  • Keep your Applications Short but Polished- Applying using 3 pages worth of application or cover letters wouldn’t usually work. Not having anything won’t do it either.So the best course of action for you is to prepare an application or cover letter that would be short and simple but still complete with all the essentials; i.e. skills, qualifications, experiences, etc.
  • Look for Recent Job Posts- This is pretty self-explanatory. Applying for a job that has been posted way too long ago would probably just waste your time. Everyone else have probably seen that old job post and have applied for it. By the time you send an application, you would only be a part of the gigantic roster of applicants and won’t even be noticed. So look for the fresh posts to get greater chances of being hired.
  • Submit Applications One at a Time- Yes, sending out multiple applications may score you more job offers than usual, but it’s not something that a wise freelancer would do. It’s best to just send out a couple or two applications, wait a bit for a response, and work your way from there. Getting multiple job offers could be fun but it could also be confusing and might even lead you to get the job you don’t really want.
  • Have a Good Working Relationship with your Client- Doing so would not only give you a harmonious working environment, it would also help you secure your job and even get more job opportunities from good client feedback. If you’re good to your clients, it’s not unlikely to get recommendations to get even more clients.



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