Tips on How to Handle Several Clients in One Sitting


I’ve been working online for two years. One of the skills that I nourished since I was in college is to be a multitasker.

For the past few months, I was offered to work in Odesk and recently on as a contractor. A lot of my virtual assistant friends keep on asking me: How did I handle my three clients in one sitting?


I’m sharing with you with my tips:

1. Schedule all your tasks:

-I’ve been using Hootsuite to some of my tasks in managing Twitter account of one of my client. And also, I always update my Social Media calendar wherein scheduled all of the activities I have for the month.

For example, I need to email a lot of bloggers for a campaign and at the same time , I have an ongoing tasks researching for materials for a book campaign. All I have to do is to do some drafts from sending hundred of emails from 10 am to 1 pm, switches to the research thingy in the afternoon and go back sending the emails in the evening.

2. Adjusting timezone:

-When I was offered to do a part time project from a New York based client on Odesk  few months ago, I was told that I need to work EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). At first, I was hesitant to do the tasks because I need to stay awake from 9 pm til 1 am Manila time. Later on, my client told me that I can work on my free time.

If you want to adjust your time from your client’s timezone, see to it that you can manage your time from other tasks you have. It’s difficult when you have several tasks from different clients with the same timezone.

3. Meeting deadlines

-Recently, I have tons of tasks from my three clients. One of my client who is a children’s book author wanted me to research for a list of counselors in their area and my full time job for a client in Montreal wanted me to do at least 30+ articles a week.

Both clients wanted me to finish the deadline for this week. The solution: taking one step at a time doing the task. I scheduled myself: 10 am-1 pm for a beauty product, 3pm-onwards for the full time job, and an hour or two for the book author. I do have minimal tasks from my two part time projects, that why I have time to sleep. Over the weekend, I manage to update my two blogs and do some paid post assignments from my DA (Direct Advertisers).

4. Chillax while doing the tasks

-One of my stress-reliever is eating a lot of food every time I’m working on my three current projects. During my first 2 weeks working full time online, I was able to relax while tons of tasks I received everyday. I never take some calls while I’m working and playing music really helps me to concentrate on what I am doing.

Though a lot of my friends went crazy when they found out that I’m working on three projects in one sitting. The important thing is that I’m enjoying working online. It’s a learning process whenever I encountered new things around me.


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