VA Expert Interview with Nancy Brown


I got the chance to interview Nancy Brown, The Author of The Virtual Assistant Startup Guide and the CEO of Virtual Gal Friday®. I hope you’ll be more inspired to work from home and join the bandwagon with us as she reveal reveal her own life story about her virtual assistant journey.

1. Who is Nancy Brown? nancy brown

Nancy A. Brown is the owner and CEO of Virtual Gal Friday®. She has written “The Virtual Assistant Startup Guide”, and offers a free 5 day training program (click here for more info).

Nancy’s company offers a wide array of services to accommodate her clients, she also has a team of Virtual Receptionists on hand to assist daily.

Nancy lives in Texas with her husband, is a mother of 2 grown kids, and loves to travel!

2. How did you start working from home? 

It was 1996 actually, and I had never heard the term Virtual Assistant. I really enjoyed my job at the time but I was only a ‘contract’ worker and the company I worked for would not consider making me a full time employee with benefits.

I always have been the type of person that couldn’t sit still or work in a box. I wanted the freedom to do my own thing, make my own decisions, with no one to answer to but myself. (we will elaborate on that later).

Now remember, there was NOT a lot online at that time about the Virtual Assistant industry, and that ‘term’ was not as common as it is now.

During my research I did run upon an article by Liz Folger, and she used the term ‘Virtual Assistant’ in that instant – Virtual Gal Friday® was born.

After that it was easy to get going, I was inspired and I had a direction!

3. What is your turning point on deciding to become a Virtual Assistant? 

I really wanted to spend some quality time at home with my kids, and I realized that the full time job I had was not ever going to make me a permanent employee. It was time for a change so I did it!

4. What are the advantages for you working as a Virtual Assistant? 

For me, it’s about freedom.
You can really choose your own hours, work the days you want to work.
Sure, when you want to please you clients that can be tricky, but it’s also about working with only those clients who fit into your business; not the other way around.

5. Do you have any negative thing/s to say about being a Virtual Assistant? 

No, not one!
I love what I do, waking up to a business that I love – every single day – is a blessing. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to do what I love and have a passion for.

6. What’s the most difficult situation that you have experienced in working as a Virtual Assistant? 

Several years ago another VA (who I considered a mentor) told me I was not charging enough. I had to raise my rates. That was easier said that done, or so I thought. It was only difficult because I thought it would be difficult. I mentioned to my clients that my rates would be going up, and guess what? They accepted the change and were happy to continue working with me.
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7. What’s the best thing that ever happened in your Virtual Assistant career? 

The growth of my business and implementing my team. I could not have grown my business without having a team to work with and depend on. They make my life so much easier! Being a solo VA you can only handle so much work. Having a team allows me to continue to grow my company, and I can actually focus on client relationships, marketing and the tasks that I enjoy and my team handles the rest.

8. How do you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now?
I definitely see more growth in the future for Virtual Gal Friday® with more training programs, and more team members.

9. Where do you usually get clients? 

My clients find me usually though my website, or social media. I do not advertise.

10. What advice can you give for other aspiring VA’s? 

Find your ‘niche’ – the skill you are great at and love doing! And focus on that when building your business and offering services to your clients. There is no sense in wasting time offering services to clients that you either have zero passion for or zero skills in!



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