Insights from fellow Virtual Assistant Grace Abonillo


There’s a lot of people still curious about on how to work online. It’s not easy to find a job online.

In 2011, several months before I became a blogger, I was offered several times to work as a virtual assistant. I turned down the job offer due to lack of experience and at that time, I have no patience in having an online job.

Get to know fellow virtual assistant and WAHM blogger, Grace Abonillo. She is currently based in Palawan. She is also a freelance writer and a photographer.



1. How and when did you start as a VA?

I started in 2009, when I searched online for some home based works, oDesk showed up. I created my profile and started applying for jobs.

2. Have you ever encounter a nasty client?

None so far.

3. How can you manage your time with your family?

At first, I worked on a grave yard schedule. Working from 11pm til 8am. But then later on, found some Australian employers, changed my working schedule to 8-5 day time work.

Before I start working, I make sure that my kid already had breakfast and is ready for school. I have a 7 year old daughter and a 10-month old baby girl.

We have our nanny that cooks for us, and takes care of the baby when I am working, so life is a bit easier now.

4. Will you recommend an online job or a typical 9-5 job to your friends?

Of course, I will specially for those moms who wanted to stay at home and be with their babies but also would want to earn some income.

But, still in the long run, it is better to be in a government office, for the retirement benefits.

5. Aside from being a blogger and an online worker, what makes you busy lately?

My kids. They have all my free time. When I don’t work or is free, I make it a point that I play with them, cuddle the little one and bond with my eldest.

6. Any advice for those who want to try virtual assistant as a job?

Patience, discipline and determination. Nobody had it easy at first. We all struggle when we started.

Check out her blog, Shutterbug Mom.



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