VA Transition Story: Events Coordinator to a Rockstar Virtual Assistant


There’s no greater satisfaction to coaches like us than having and seeing someone under our wings become successful in such a short time; after all we believe in the saying that you are only as successful as the number of people you help become successful too.  That is why Jay and I love to give training programs, like the VAG Training Program and Web Internship Program because we are always excited to see new breed of VAs and web designers. The chain of positivity is much too much that you know you have caused another’s life to change for the better.

Jhay Hermogenes, a 30-yr old events coordinator, is not an unusual VA transitional story; still when you have directed their path in a “greener” direction, you know it impacts their life. The good thing about Jhay is that he’s taken advantage of his youth to keep his eyes wide open to see the vast opportunity of the VA world, and acted on it right away. Before he knows it, and still young, he’s become what we call the “Rockstar Virtual Assistant”. Here’s my short interview with Jhay. . . .


What was your previous work before you decided to become a virtual assistant?

I work as an event coordinator in an events agency and handle the account of Cherifer brand. Being an events coordinator is tough; the stress level is quite high because the job calls for undivided attention, or else I might miss an important item in the event coordination. Even though I know I can very much handle the stress of the work being young, still I wish for some leisure time away from my work.


What didn’t you like in your previous work that made you decide to shift career?

My income is not commensurate with the level of workload I do each day. Exciting as it was, when it comes down to it, I feel frustrated because it seemed like I’m on a dead-end job. It would take a long, long time before I see myself in that state of career satisfaction where I was.


Who introduced you to the VA field? Or did you find out about it by yourself?

In pursuit of another career, I went to OLX to look for a new job. That’s where I first encountered the concept of virtual assistant in one of the ads there. From then on I explored the idea.


What made you pursue the VA career among other online careers?

The opportunity of earning higher income is what attracted me first to become a VA. Being an events coordinator, there is this natural thing for me to enjoy learning something new, and this applies to becoming a VA. Also, the thought that I didn’t have to be away from my family to earn income is really one of the best things. Even if I know that there might come a time when the work becomes stressful too, being at home with my family still makes all the difference.


Did you have doubts entering the VA field? What were those and how were you able to manage them?

Like any aspiring VA I have doubts too that seems crippling at first. I lack the confidence in talking to prospective clients which is quite strange because my previous work trained me to talk to a lot of people. Then there is this feeling of inadequacy because I know I lack the skills to be able to serve and work on any client’s projects. It is really hard to get started when you have all these doubts in your head.


What have you learned from the VAG training program that you will now adopt in your VA practice?

The tools I’ve learned from the VAG training program are all valuable and practical, in fact I have recommended some already with my clients and they really appreciate it. What I like about the VAG training program is that they have taught us highly applicable tools that will make our work more efficient and productive.


How long after the VAG training program did you first land a job?

It took me only 3 months after the training before I land a job. It was pretty exciting because it was my first! It really didn’t bother me that it has taken a bit long because I was still mastering my skills and I’m after the quality of the work. My first client was a Jamaican lady and has tasked me to handle her social media accounts. I am happy to tell that long months after, I am still handling her accounts.


What do you value most in your new found VA career that you didn’t experience in your previous career?

To be honest, it’s the high income for the same amount of time spent on work. Now I’m no longer bothered about finding work outside home because I can do that and look for work just using my laptop – the world is my job market, and I’m no longer limited to what I previously know how to do. Second is the opportunity to have more time to be with my family, something that hardly happens from my previous job.


What is your long term VA career plan?

I feel very inspired with the work and lifestyle of sir Jay Pasana; being able to work from anywhere like New York City and still can connect with Filipino virtual assistants. He is the epitome of the kind of VA I’d like to be in the future.


Do you want to be like Jhay? It takes guts, determination and guidance. You may join our next batch here: 

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