VA Transitions Story: From Math Teacher to Virtual Assistant in Such a Short Time


When thinking about becoming a virtual assistant, several questions comes to mind . . . .

“I feel overwhelmed, how do I get started?”

“Can I become a VA even if I come from a non-technical background?”

“How soon can I get a job?”

These are just some of the burning issues of most VA aspirants that I know who approach us for help and guidance. In this interview article, you’ll see how simple it is to become a VA after the VAG Training Program.

I had the chance to interview Cris Dawal, a 32-year old Math teacher. She’s married and is a stay-at-home mom for her 2 very young sons. Her transition story is quite close to my heart as I was an educator too before becoming a full fledge virtual assistant and web designer. Here’s her short interview:


What was your previous work before you decided to become a virtual assistant?

“I was a Mathematics teacher and was enjoying my career as teaching is my passion. But I gave birth to my first son and I was forced to resign from work to care for him. Since then I became a stay-at-home mom, and this has been 4 years ago. Now that I have another son aged 1, there is more need for me to stay at home. Becoming a virtual assistant is the most practical and more kid-friendly work for me. ”


Who introduced you to the VA field? Or did you just find out about it by yourself?

“My husband and I were very much interested in becoming virtual assistants. He was the first one to sign up in Upwork but unfortunately he wasn’t able to pursue that opportunity. Then I’ve known of some online writer friends who earn by writing some articles and they were convincing me to join that line of work. However I’m not very much of a writer and so I didn’t really consider it. Still I wanted to earn a living while being at home. I encountered information about becoming a VA and I got very interested. I dug deeper and eventually found out just how vast the work opportunity is in this field. I didn’t wait any longer finding out what VA is all about.”


What made you choose and pursue VA career among other online career available?

What I liked about being a virtual assistant compared to other online career is that being a VA exposes you to different types of work and not just one kind. This for me is exciting; I get to learn a lot of skills. And if there’s one thing later on that I’d discover that I especially like then that would be my cue on becoming a specialist already.


Did you have doubts in entering the VA field? What were those doubts?

Yes, I had so many doubts. For one the idea of learning a lot of things first before landing a job seem overwhelming already; I didn’t know where to start. There are too many information on the internet and it’s hard to know when the information is correct or helpful in what you want to achieve as a VA newbie. Worse, there’s no structure in trying to learn being a VA because it’s hard to put these information together. As a VA aspirant, I needed direction and from a reputable source.


What have you learned from your VAG training that you will adopt now in your VA practice?

Apart from the new skills I learned from my recent VAG training program, I gained confidence enough to sustain my new-found determination. I have learned so much from my coaches Jay and Lyn Pasana the value of courage, focus and motivating oneself in order to reach a goal. I believe that these all come from within, that even with the right skills, nothing would matter if you lack the spirit of being the best inside of you.


How long after your VAG training program did you first land a job?

I was very happy that I got hired in Upwork during my VAG training, although that particular client didn’t continue working with me on a contract. But after just 2 days, I got another 2 clients from Upwork. Then after just 2 months after my training, I got 2 more clients outside of Upwork. My confidence really grew as months passed by; I am now able to represent myself and my work with certainty.


What do you value most in your new found VA career that you didn’t experience in your previous work?

It is having the opportunity to level up my skills, or even learn new skills I never thought I’d learn. And because of this I became more confident of myself and I can now interact with a lot of people online, especially offshore clients.


What is your long term VA career plan?

I want to be able to become a brand in the VA field. I know this is a common dream among VAs like me, but I would like to be different in a way that impacts my client’s business.


Do you want to be like Ms Cris? It takes guts, determination and guidance. You may join our next batch here: 



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