A VA’s Guide to Content Marketing


Content marketing is the general term used to describe the creation and sharing of content to engage with current and potential customers. As with all forms of marketing, the idea is to use this content to persuade decision makers and consumers to purchase a product, participate in an event, or hire someone.
Content Marketing

What exactly does ‘content’ refer to? It’s simply any form of digital or printed material. It could mean newsletters, websites, podcasts, email updates, video updates, webcasts, webinars, or reports. The purpose behind these materials is to keep the target market informed about the industry a business is in and how it applies to them. Content marketing is based on the premise that keeping your target consumer informed is the best way to strengthen your brand and improve your marketability.

Still need some more examples of what content marketing really means? Well, consider a maternal health innovation business that releases reports on maternal health issues around the globe, appealing to doctors and other medical or health-related professionals. By publishing this content that educates that business’ target consumers, the business is positioning itself as being capable of providing possible solutions to these health needs.

While content marketing can be an extremely useful tool for any kind of business, many business owners do not dedicate as much time as they probably should toward developing this aspect of their marketing plan. Why? For most, it’s an issue of time. For others, it could simply be, the lack of skills needed to create engaging, informational and income-generating content.

Virtual assistants can help with this need, by providing content development services. In countries like the Philippines, where outsourcing and freelancing careers have grown increasingly common, many individuals are finding themselves in the content creation business.

As a virtual assistant you can help with the following content marketing related tasks:

1. Creating and managing a blog

A blog can be a great tool to keep consumers informed and engaged. You can post updates, and informative pieces about the industry of your client on their sites.

2. Creating email newsletters

While an excess of marketing emails is annoying and frustrating to most consumers, well-planned emails with great content and great design can really help generate sales and clients for a business. As a VA, you can help write the content, upload it to the newsletter templates or software, schedule or distribute it to your client’s subscribers list or design the email templates.

3. Creating infographics

Infographics are graphic visualizations of data that have taken the world by storm in recent months. With content marketing, it is important to walk that line between providing sufficient information to consumers to inform their decisions and not bore them. Right now, infographics are great ways to present an audience with what they want to know, instantly and in a visually exciting way. As a VA, you can help your client with idea or topic generation and data curation.

4. Video-marketing

Creating engaging content has a lot to do with appealing to a site’s audience. Videos are an excellent way to do this, because it engages, entertains and informs. You can help your client create informative, promotional videos on video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. You may be surprised by what a well-done video can do for business.

Key to excelling at content marketing is to simply understand the target audience. When you know what they want to see, read or hear, you can help your client create content that responds to those wants and needs.




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