Video Marketing101 for Virtual Assistants


Online video marketing can be an incredible resource for business owners and virtual assistants. Most people spend the majority of their time plugged into the internet in some way or form. These people are looking for information to be delivered to them in condensed, quick and engaging media.

Video Marketing101 for Virtual Assistants

It’s no wonder then that video-sharing websites like YouTube and Vimeo have achieved so much success in a relatively short period of time. Business owners must understand that potential clients and customers want more than just a Twitter post, or a Facebook page. Now a YouTube account and an effective video marketing campaign is almost a necessity.

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t think they can create a sleek and professional online-video campaign, and this is where a virtual assistant can come in handy.

If you are a virtual assistant looking for new skills and expertise that you can offer potential clients, online video marketing is definitely a service in high demand.

Don’t assume that you need a considerable amount of video editing and online marketing experience to offer your clients video marketing services. If you have a basic understanding of how to use programs like iMovie, Windows Movie-Maker and websites like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, you are half-way there.

Here are some things you should know about video marketing:

1. Content is King

No one will watch a poorly done video with content that doesn’t grip them. Like we said, you don’t have to have a degree in video-editing to create something amazing. Play around with iMovie, Windows Movie-Maker or a web-based video-editing software. There are options to create themes, and fairly standard looking movies that you can customize to look really sleek and great. Good content in a simple, well-done video is a good place to start.

2. Social Media and more Social Media

All the time you spend on Facebook, can actually be useful to your virtual assistant business and your clients! A huge part of online video marketing is getting people to actually view your video. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and even Pinterest are great ways to drive traffic to your video. Don’t forget to include your video link in your posts.

3. Visually entertaining

Once you get people to your video, you want them to be excited when they watch it. You want them to ask questions about your business, purchase your product or services, or just visit your website. Keeping videos short and to the point is key. Your colors, graphics, transitions and even music depend entirely on what your client is offering and what will appeal to their clientele.

4. Target-shoot

Shoot for your target! Niche marketing is incredibly important in online-video marketing because you want people to watch your video, and they will only watch what applies to them.

5. Spread your brand

You want to help your clients with keeping their branding consistent, but everywhere. When you start a video-marketing campaign, you don’t want to restrict yourself to one website or video-sharing platform. Get the video out there. You can publish it on sites like Vimeo and YouTube, pay for traffic using StumpleUpon, share it on YouTube, and embed it into your website, affiliate blogs and sites.

All in all, there are three main things to remember about video marketing, good content, short and engaging, and promotion!

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