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If you are working as a Virtual Assistant, could you also label yourself as Entrepreneur? Virtual assistants are self employed individuals who offer their services to different clients online while an entrepreneur is someone who operates and manage a business, think of new ideas for his business and have strong business leadership skills. Both have different definitions but if we analyze it, we as virtual assistants are also entrepreneurs. Yes you may not agree, you may say that virtual assistants are plainly self employed individuals who work remotely from his clients. With this kind of mindset, would this be beneficial for your VA career? Why can’t we also see ourselves as Entrepreneurs?

As a Virtual Assistant, I used to have different mindset when it comes to my career.  I never thought I was an entrepreneur until I became one. I realized that being a Virtual Assistant/Entrepreneur will be more beneficial to me rather than just seeing myself as plain VA.  If you think like an entrepreneur and apply its principles, more money will come in you way. For example, if you are currently working as web blogger or article writer then why not use your talent to write eBooks and sell it on the side or build your own website and start putting articles in it. This way, you will have other passive income aside from your writing gigs or if you are working as web designer, why not sell your themes online? If you think like an entrepreneur you will be open to lots of different ways to earn.

In doing our job as VA, time is important. We are paid based on the hours we spent working. Most of the time, we work 8-12 hours a day.  The next question now is how can we increase our revenue if we are paid per hour? We cannot work 24 hours a day since we also need to rest and we might get sick if we often extend our working hours.  Just like what I’ve mentioned above. If we think like entrepreneurs, we can easily solve this problem. Why not look for other passive opportunities aside from your current work? Why not take a risk and start a business aside from you online VA job? If you have these ideas in mind, congratulations because you are a Virtual Assistant/Entrepreneur.

Lastly, in order to be a successful VA/Entrepreneur you must see yourself an owner of a large company. Think of your VA business as a usual business with different departments to take care of. Even if you are solo flight, your VA business has marketing, sales, operations, human resource, customer service department and so on. Evaluate and think how to improve each. For example, in marketing side of your business, you have to think of ways on how to sell your services to different clients or in human resources, ask yourself, would you need to hire other freelancers to help you with your current project?  This is what other VA’s do. They hire other freelancers on their team to finish the project earlier or to be able to meet the demands of their clients.

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