Virtual Assistant’s guide to time management



Filipino virtual assistants, please think about this carefully . . .

The very reason your clients hire your services is because they need you to put order in their business. How do you think they would feel if they find out that you can’t even manage your own business or work schedules? Sooner or later that issue will take a toll in the quality of your work. Even you, a highly skilled virtual assistant need just as much help as your client’s. The culprit of course is time management; resolve this problem now or forever lose the opportunity of growing your virtual assistant business.

Here are some tips in how to help manage your time to keep your professional and personal life in check.

Work within your accustomed working body clock: If you’re still fresh out of corporate world or is accustomed to working 9 – 5 for a long time then set that time to be your official business hours. The stress is so much less, of course, as you need not prep for work like dressing up or take long commutes. If you’re an early riser then you have enough time to get ready for work before 9 am.

Mind your “own” business, literally:  Yours is a business that needs some managing too – marketing for new clients, networking with peers or just doing administrative work. Effectively managing your business will allow you to explore new and challenging projects that will help catapult your business growth.

Multitasking is not helpful: Admit it already multitasking is not proof that you’re a hero. In fact, studies show that multitasking only hampers your productivity because the brain just can’t give its 100% focus on two things at the same time let alone doing multiple things at the same time. If you want to increase your productivity, stop multitasking.

Create an effective workflow: This is how successful work-at-home freelancers and virtual assistants do it. A good workflow, with set timeline, will help you remember what needs to be done at what stage of a project saving you precious time doing non-essential or unrelated work. Remember that every single minute you devote daily to your official business hours must be billable and therefore shouldn’t be wasted.

Don’t forget rest and relaxation: In as much as you want to stretch out your energies, don’t! Your batteries wear off too thus need some recharging. Learn to listen to your body and take cue on chronic headaches, a bit of dizziness or sluggishness to know that you need to take a little rest. The problem with working at home is that it’s just too comfortable to work you’re forgetting that you’re working longer hours majority of the times. Do not feel guilty in including a day or time of quick rest; even machines need some shutting down from time to time.

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As an online professional, Marilyn transitioned her way up to success by investing in the field of virtual assistance and web design. Networking with esteemed colleagues in the field, she co-founded Philippine Virtual Assistant Network (PVAN) , Philippines largest online virtual assistant community with over 20,000+ members and counting.

Marilyn is the Project Manager of Remote Virtual Assistant Agency, a virtual staffing agency based in New York, USA, as well as the trainer for Virtual Assistant Guide and Web Internship Program which helps aspiring work from home professionals.

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