Virtual Assistants: Move Past These Challenges to Success


Venturing into the world of virtual assistance service may make you think this will just involve a simple transition from being a 9-5 employee to a work-at-home freelancer. Unfortunately it is not always easy as it seems. Just like anything new, you’ll be entering an unfamiliar territory and some Filipino virtual assistants had their share of challenges not even related to the skills department. There is no quick fix but it does require a disciplined mind to be able to overcome them.


Challenge #1 – “Do I have what it takes?”

I bet that prior to entering your current job you said the same thing about yourself. But just because you don’t feel good about yourself sometimes doesn’t mean you won’t take that bold step to do what you have to do in your career transition. In fact, almost everyone feels the same way whenever they engage into something new or a seemingly big venture – it is just a natural feeling. Instead of backing out because you feel a bit insufficient why not take this feeling as a positive cue for you to step up to the plate, so to speak.

Challenge #2 – Learning the Art of Self-Promotion

If being a desk worker is the only thing you know what to do then the idea of self-promotion to get a VA job may just overwhelm you. However, you may just not be aware that with the advent of social media all you ever do is promote even for no apparent reason – what you do, where you go to, what you eat, what you bought. And your social media community engages with you simply because of your influence. That alone is self-promotion and all you have to do is simply channel that creative energy to use social media, a personal blogsite or your vast internet network to commission work.

Challenge #3 – Being a Great Time Keeper

By being a Filipino virtual assistant you now have the capacity to earn dollars or pounds by the hours; that said you need to learn proper time management to maximize your earnings in a single day especially for those who prefer to work on a per-project basis. The discipline has to come from you as distractions are everywhere now that you have the privilege to work at your own phase. You may not be aware that you’re wasting time doing unproductive work when you could be using those same hours on tasks that can increase your income potential.

Challenge # 4 – Dollar Now, Gone Tomorrow

VA clients come and go and the rate of income is dependent on your skill level. This means that in the beginning you may still not be meeting your target income. This is hard especially when bills keep piling up and jobs are scarce. As said, take every challenge as a sign for you to do things better. How much have you widen your network lately? When was the last time you taught yourself a new tool to increase your market value? Have you brushed up on your LinkedIn account like they say you should? On another note, learn to bootstrap at this stage of your career and don’t worry too much if it’s taking a while to build a steady income. Keep in mind that this is not permanent. Just focus on your work and you’ll be surprised at the door of opportunities opening up for you.


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