Virtual Assistants: What’s Their Day Like?


If you’re the typical office employee contemplating on trying out your luck as a virtual assistant then it’s possible that you first want to know what it’s like. If any, you want to know how well you can easily adapt to the typical working environment of virtual assistants as well as the kinds of work they deal with each day. At best, you may be wondering if you’re up for the job.


The work of a virtual assistant explained in brief

The Filipino virtual assistant or VA for short is a person who renders services to an international client. This client could very well be a small business owner, a professional like a doctor or a team supervisor of a big company. A virtual assistant is hired based on his or her expertise and for which the client requires. The kinds of work a VA may be hired for include data encoding, accounting and payroll, writing, research, data mining and management, web and graphic design and transcription just to name a few. The VA may take on a job either as a full time or part time worker.

What’s in a VA’s day?

The duties that may involve in a typical day include meetings over Skype or other form of online communication, collaboration with other remote team members, reading and replying to emails,  researching on the internet, writing reports and meeting other project deadlines. If the service to which the VA was hired for includes clerical work then expect to have data encoding, word processing, calendar management and some bookkeeping in the mix.

A writer-VA would have a different type of day. Research of reference material is made prior to writing assigned articles. Normally a minimum of 4 articles are written on a given day. When the articles are done, the writer submits the articles to the client for web posting or the writer may do that himself.

A web designer would begin the day discussing the website design plans with the client. Depending on the complexity of the project he would be spending days or weeks to get it done, with in-between progress approval from the client.

How to get through the day

You need a very good skills set to be able to make it through the day. If you’ll be working as an executive assistant then you should be equipped with all the necessary skills to work on your client’s day-to-day itinerary. If you’re a writer then you must learn to write fast so you get more writing done in a day. If you’re a web designer, you should have good communication skills so your client would understand each point in the design project that you’re trying to make. Stress even from home-based job only happens when you’re lacking on the basic skills required for the work; that is, it will be hard for you to get from step 1 to 10 when you can’t even figure out how to reach step 5. Your stress will basically come from the negative feedbacks of your client and the possibility of losing the job.

It’s important to acquire training first before deciding to go to this type of work full time. There are so many virtual assistant training in the Philippines to choose from. However make sure you commission a trainer with real background in VA work.



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