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Learn ten of the vital presentation skills a virtual assistant needs. Be an effective presenter or speaker! Visit to learn more about being a VA.

One reason why employers outsource is the need for a virtual assistant or VA that possesses presentation skills related to their businesses or organization.  This is because they do not have ample time to create oral, multi-media, or power point presentations, training or teaching, for their businesses.  Most probably, too, some of them do not have enough time to develop their own capability to make an effective presentation.  As virtual assistant or VA for them, you will need to have presentation skills that will be vital and useful for your employers and for yourself, too.

The following list is built from an assumption that you will be the speaker or presenter in an online presentation. If not, that will be a relief, but being able to perform using these skills will always be worth it and will be a plus in your resumé.

Presentation Skills VAs Need

  • Passion

Your enthusiasm and energy will reflect on the outcome of your presentation.  From preparation to delivery, your ability to channel your nervous energy as wisely as needed will bring out an effective and engaging preparation.  Create that presentation skill with enthusiasm and you will succeed.

  • Focus

You need to concentrate on what your audience needs.  The whole presentation must be more about them.  It is all about the audience, as the experts say.  They need to be entertained, they need to enjoy, and most importantly, they need to be informed.   This skill may not be easy to achieve during a presentation but once you honed it, you got it.

  • Simplicity

Do not say anything that does not contribute to your core message.  Leave out details that are not relevant.  Know what and what not to include in your slideshows.  After all, it is the information that matters, and your presentation has to be useful, insightful, and actionable.

  • Relaxed Demeanor

Smile to build rapport to your audience.  Smile to show confidence.  Smile to be relaxed.  This activity lessens your anxiety.  You need to limit it though to avoid mixed messages and impressions.  Why would you not aspire to master the skill of smiling that does not only benefit a presentation but also you?

  • Entertainment

Inject enjoyment and humor especially during introduction.  Be tasteful in choosing jokes.  You do not need to be a stand-up comedian.  You do not need to make fun of a participant.  Enjoyment and humor in your presentation have to be spontaneous but controlled.  The instant your audience feel comfortable, the length of a presentation will not even be an issue.

  • 10-20-30 Rule for Slideshows

Limit your presentation to no more than ten (10) slideshows, that will last not more than twenty (20) minutes, and with font size not more than 30 point, as Guy Kawasaki of Apple stressed.  Try not to put too much information on a single slide.   Who would want to look at a slide with chunks of texts?  Be very careful, therefore, that you only choose highlights for your presentation using the slides. Edit your slides, too, before the final presentation.

  • Storytelling

A presentation is a means to communicate information effectively and clearly.  What better way is there to execute a presentation than by effective and lively storytelling?  People tend to pay attention to and remember details of a story.  A structured content based on a story will get attention especially if it is amusing, amazing, or remarkable.   Again, this presentation skill is one of those skills that you will definitely need to master!

  • Voice Modulation

Changing your speech and tone adds to an effective presentation.  Your audience needs to respond to your voice.  Your voice is the key not only for their listening (audio) and watching (visual) senses but also for the other senses that can possibly be stimulated.  An effective voice makes the audience want to participate and communicate.

  • Body Language

It is important to plan your hand and body positions. It is also a crucial aspect during a presentation when the body language is not giving the right messages.  Your body must demonstrate confidence for your mindset to be confident.  Maintain eye contact when you move; do not close your arms, or put your hands behind your back or in your pocket; and avoid pacing the stage.  You might want to assign only three (3) positions on the stage where you will move during a presentation.

  • Breathe in, Breathe out

You might want to take deep breaths during a presentation.  It will help you relax.  With this, pauses are very helpful while you concentrate on your slow but full breathing.  This will help you relax your muscles, and your mind, too.

Remember that a presentation is a means to communicate therefore it is important that as the speaker you need to prepare a lot and work for the goal of delivering an effective presentation.

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