Is it Worth it to Work Online?


There are a lot of people who are curious on what we are really doing as a virtual assistant.

But there are some critics dubious on this kind of work. One question that marked on my mind: Is it worth to work online?

IMHO, there are some people still not aware on what we are doing. Though there are people are wondering why does social media managers keep on monitoring several Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Facebooking is not a crime.


One time, I was reprimand by my mom that I was glued over Facebook and Twitter. She didn’t know my responsibilities as a blogger and also handling social media accounts of my clients. I, myself a Social Media manager. Been using social networking tools such as Hootsuite, and Buffer which I used for boosting social media presence of one of the clients.

In my situation, it’s worth having a job online. Though I got sick frequently due to stress, I was able to work even I am not feeling well.

The advantage of it is that you have flexible time to work than working in a 9-to-5 setting. I always turned down a lot of offers by several companies who want me to include me in their team.

Compensation-wise, it’s bigger than I’ve received when I previously worked as an admin assistant to a construction company two years ago.

As a blogger, I’m now enjoying attending events every weekends. Before, I seldom attending events due to conflict at work. As an online worker, we need to relax in our spare time. Though, I’m always overworked due to deadlines for the week, I always see to it that I have time to update my blogs by committing myself doing product reviews on my blogs.

Disadvantage of it: No health benefits from client overseas. But in my situation, I was given bonuses whenever I did wonderful for my clients.

I’m not discouraging other people who want to venture with this kind of job. It’s a matter of time and goals to achieve it to be a successful virtual assistant.


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