From Zero-Tech Background to Successful VA Career: It’s Possible!


Are you one of those VA aspirants that have been taking too long to decide whether you’d pursue the VA career because of some pressing worries? These worries could be:

  • Is there enough work in that career?
  • I don’t have a solid technical background
  • What if it doesn’t work out?
  • I don’t know where to start

and many more . . .

Truth is, almost every successful virtual assistant that I know went through that very same process of self-doubt; even I. But I would like to assure you that none of those negative thoughts that you think about the VA career are true. In fact most VA transition stories are inspiring at the very least – they weren’t satisfied with their current job in more areas than one, and being a virtual assistant changed all that.

Meet Marie Fay Pulido. She’s not your typical office worker turned Virtual Assistant. She came from the medical field – A Medical Doctor, a career that is too far fetch when it comes to selecting a good candidate for an instant VA career. Yet she didn’t let her work background stop her from pursuing this career. Check out my short interview with her and find inspiration in her story . .



  1. What was your previous work before you became a virtual assistant?

I am an Anesthesiologist by profession.  You could very well picture my workstyle, being in the hospital for duty for at least 24 hours, and at times I am on-call. Though I love my profession, it’s hard for a woman-doctor that is trying to raise a family and be an absentee mom. This eventually put a toll in my family relationship until I started to question what I believe is really more important in my life.

  1. Who introduced you to the VA field?

Researching is second nature to doctors, so while going through the internet I encountered this idea of “Virtual Assistance” and got curious. The thought of earning decent income in dollars doing work at home is what caught my interest. Since then I tried to educate myself on becoming a virtual assistant to try my luck in this field. It was during my later part of self-pace learning that I connected with other virtual assistants.

  1. What made you decide to transition in the virtual assistant field?

It was clear to me that my family should be my top priority that is why the idea of earning from home became too irresistible for me. I made a temporary leave on my profession (knowing I could just go back to it anytime) to give in to my desire of working at home and focus on becoming a good virtual assistant.

  1. What was your most pressing issue when you were just starting as a virtual assistant?

My most pressing issue was my background. Coming from the medical field, I didn’t think I’m fit to become a virtual assistant. I know I had to equip myself of the tools and skills on the tech side so I could market myself online and vie for high-paying VA jobs.  But the one person whose background really inspired me was that of sir Jay Pasana. He was an OFW practicing Physical Therapy when he was moonlighting as a website designer. I was very, very pleased that he supported me when I was just starting.

  1. How long did it take for you to finally achieve your ideal income as a virtual assistant?

I’ve decided to invest on trainings c/o the Virtual Assistant Guide because I didn’t want to waste time doing the trial and error. I thought that in a short amount of time that investment will come back tenfold. I am not yet “there” in terms of my ideal career stage, but something tells me that it won’t take long anymore before I finally realize my dream income and lifestyle.

  1. What is it that you value the most in your VA career that you did not experience in your previous work?

I think more than anything I value the time I have now in my hands, and that I can use that time with whatever I want. I can decide to slow down or keep my pace up. There is less physical stress in this career even if the tasks are piling up because you work at home. I also value the relationship of my family that I am proudly able to keep, as well the relationship with my VA community.

  1. What is your VA career goal in the coming years?

My career goal is to become a really good web designer that would offer web development and other complimentary services including web hosting. Currently I’m undergoing web design coaching with Web Internship Program and currently have some local & international clients.

This short VA transition testimonial proves that there is no limit to your desire to become a virtual assistant even if you come from the most prestigious non-technical career background or hardly graduated from college. There are reputable online resources you can simply tap on to learn a few tricks or invest on legitimate internship programs as mentioned here to help get you started right away.



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